What's new in the NetExam Fall 2018 Release
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 05 September 2018 11:54 PM

At Media Defined, customer success is our top priority! We continue to improve NetExam based on your requests and usage. Our goal is to enable our customers to make the most of each new release. As part of our ongoing investment in the NetExam Learning Management System, Media Defined is pleased to present the following upgrades and product features as part of the NetExam Fall 2018 Release.|  Watch Recorded Video

Personal Learning Advisor
NetExam's Personal Learning Advisor was developed to recommend training for your learners. After the learner answers a set of questions, the Personal Learning Advisor will come up with personalized recommendations for the learner based on their profile and answers.

NetExam Conference App
With the Fall 2018 release, NetExam would like to introduce a new Conference app! Meant to be used for training conferences, some of the app’s features are:

 - Attendees can view the agenda and sign up for sessions
 - Access handouts and other material
 - Participate in interactive questions from presenters.
 - Scan QR codes or enter attendance codes to receive education credit
 - Receive information about the venue, conference map, and things to do

Learning Impact Analysis
NetExam's Learning Impact Analysis module was created to observe the correlation between learning and job performance. Any quantifiable performance metric can be used by this module. As an example, you could analyze the impact of training on a reseller or a sales team by analyzing their sales figures and completed training. 

Bulk Upload Completions
NetExam now supports bulk course enrollments, removals and completion updates via CSV file uploads. 

Survey Creation Tools
NetExam now allows Administrators to create their own surveys using the new survey creation tool. You can create surveys in multiple languages and associate them with e-learning or instructor led courses.

Classroom Resource Management
This new module helps you manage the allocation of all classroom training related resources. The resources can be servers, projectors, simulators, training props etc. or any other equipment used in training. 

Instructor Management Enhancements
NetExam has enhanced the Instructor Management feature by introducing several new fields to capture more robust instructor related information. These fields include the pay rate, instructor address, number of current professional development hour etc.

Support for Instructors to sign up for Classes
NetExam now allows you to invite eligible instructors to sign up to teach classes. Class creators can specify how many instructors (up to 6) are needed for a class and click on an “Invite Instructor” button that will email the eligible instructors an invitation to sign up.

Support for Interactive Questions for Live Classes
NetExam now provides a way for instructors to ask interactive questions from class attendees. The attendees can view and answer the questions using the NetExam mobile application. As learners answer questions.  

Augmented Reality (AR) Support with Visual Search
NetExam’s Fall 2018 release adds support for Visual Search with Augmented Reality for it’s mobile apps. Learners will be able to use the device camera to search for training content.

Some of these items are available upon request. Please contact a NetExam representative or create a support ticket to enable those items on your account. Please wait for an email regarding product release Webinar soon after the production deployment.


The NetExam Team

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