NetExam Fall 2017 Release is now on Production.
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 28 November 2017 02:21 AM

At Media Defined, customer success is our top priority! We continue to improve NetExam based on your requests and usage. Our goal is to enable our customers to make the most of each new release. As part of our ongoing investment in the NetExam Learning Management System, Media Defined is pleased to present the following upgrades and product features as part of the NetExam Fall 2017 Release | Recorded Video-1 | Recorded Video-2

Support for Video Challenges

NetExam has enhanced its support for video uploads making it an ideal tool for video challenges. An example could be a “Sales Pitch Challenge” where the learners upload a video recording of a sales pitch for feedback from their managers or coaches.

eCommerce Support for Physical Products

NetExam now allows you to sell items beyond courses and classes to your learners. You can sell items such as books, lodging, meal vouchers etc. using. There is an administration interface that allows you to manage the inventory and orders.

Virtual Reality Support in NetExam

With this release, the NetExam mobile app will support Virtual Reality (VR) content. The VR content can be viewed using a VR headset such as Google Cardboard.  Activities within the VR simulation can be reported back to NetExam using xAPI statements. 

Windows App

NetExam introduces a Microsoft Windows app with its Fall 2017 release. This app can be downloaded and installed from the Windows App Store. It supports the Windows 10 operating system could be installed on laptops as well as tablets such as Surface Pro. This app, as well as the Window Store Listing, can be customized with your company’s branding. KB

Public Portfolio

NetExam now allows learners to create a public portfolio view displaying the badges and certificates they have earned. This view has a unique URL and a link can be placed on the learner’s LinkedIn profile or even on their resumes.

Enhanced Cloudshare Integration

NetExam’s CloudShare integration has been enhanced to use CloudShare v3 API. It has the following new features. 

  • Allows administrators to select a blueprint template for the labs
  • Limits the number attempts the learner has to launch a lab
  • Allows administrators to give the learners additional lab attempts
  • Selects the data center based on the learner’s location
Item Analysis

NetExam has enhanced its exam item analysis by introducing several computations.
P-value level, Point Biserial, Discrimination index  KB

Exam Question Validation Workflow

NetExam now supports exam question validation workflows. Question authors can create questions and get Subject Matter Experts to validate them. The system captures information such as author, validator, validation note, reference, and category etc.

Printing Answer Keys

NetExam now allows administrators to print answer keys for their exams. Admin can access this feature from the exam setup page. By pressing the answer Key button it will download the questions and the correct answer to each question.

Offline Exam for Mobile Apps

NetExam mobile apps now support offline exams. Administrators can configure what exams will be enabled for offline access and learners can then download and take them when not connected to the Internet. The app will synch their results back to the NetExam system when a connection is available. Till then, the results will be stored encrypted on the user’s device. KB

Lesson Level File Submissions

You can now enable offline assignments at the lesson level requiring learners to upload a file. The files will then be routed to the designated examiner for grading. This functionality was previously only available at the course level. Lesson level file submissions are only available for ILT classes.

Credit Card Transactions via US Bank

NetExam now supports credit card transactions via US Bank. Customers will need to setup a US Bank Account before being able to use this feature.

File upload option in Contact us Form

NetExam introduced a File upload feature on the Contact us on the Student Login page where the learners could send a file or image together with their query. The learner can upload multiple files.

Some of these items are available upon request. Please contact a NetExam representative or create a support ticket to enable those items on your account. Please wait for an email regarding product release Webinar soon after the production deployment.


The NetExam Team

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