What's new in the NetExam Spring 2017 Release!
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 16 January 2017 04:54 AM

At Media Defined, Customer Success is our top priority! As part of our continued investment in the NetExam Learning Management System, Media Defined is excited to preview the product features and enhancements that are included in the NetExam Spring 2017 Release. Following is a brief description of the features that will be released to production at the end of January. At release, the NetExam KnowledgeBase will include complete documentation on the use and implementation of these features.   Webinar Slides  | Demo

Ravello for On Demand courses

On demand Ravello virtual lab integration is now available in NetExam. This allows around the clock creation and access of virtual labs by students who have bought and/or enrolled in the course without instructor or admin intervention.

New UI for Public Catalog with custom filters

The enhanced new Public catalog UI will provide the learner with a rich learning experience. The filtering section will provide a vast selection of custom fields according to the different tracks.

MS Dynamics CRM Enhancement

Microsoft CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management system (CRM) designed to help organizations attract, keep and develop profitable customer relationships. NetExam Integration with MS Dynamics works in a similar manner to our integration. The following information flows from NetExam to Dynamic CRM and from Dynamic CRM to NetExam. The User information, Course/Cert information, Class schedule and Purchase order information.

Practical Exam App

NetExam has developed a new mobile app that can be used in practical hands-on exams and evaluations. Designated examiners can evaluate user's performance based on an assigned rubric. They could also create video recordings of the users and store them with the user's transcripts. This app also has offline support allowing an examiner to use it in situations where they are not connected to the Internet. This app can be used in job performance reviews, practical tests, role plays, hands-on activities, etc

Individual due dates and requirement status for Course and Certifications Bulk Enrollment

This functionality allows the administrators to Bulk Enroll users to the Certifications and courses by specifying whether the Cert is Required /Elective or Optional and with the required Due date.

Learning Path

NetExam Learning Path view provides a snapshot of Courseware to be followed in each Milestone to the User. This is a role based settings can be enabled for selected administrators.

Course Tile Library

You can broaden the visibility of your courses / Certifications through graphically enhancing it’s appearance. Tile library will allow admin to upload background, middle and icon images and use them in courses and certifications.

Templates for ILT Classes

NetExam now supports the creation of ILT class templates that can be used when creating new class schedules. This saves time for the administrator when creating several class schedules with the same settings. To create a template click on the classroom Tab then click on Classroom Templates. Once created you can edit or delete the template from the gallery. Pre-defined Class Room Templates can be used to create new Class Schedules.

Support for Multiple types of ILT Courses

NetExam extends it’s classroom type courses by introducing 3 types:

  1. Meet once classroom type
  2. Multiple events classroom type
  3. Ongoing event classroom type

Based on the classroom type users can enroll for one or more classes.

Enhancement for the Communications Report

NetExam enhances the Communication Report view by adding additional filters and fields to make it more detailed. We introduced a new filter field named 'Primary User Group Filter' and new fields Email Address, Primary  User Group, Job function and Reference.

Support for Custom fields in Certification eligibility

NetExam enhanced the Certification eligibility criteria by incorporating “User Custom Fields”. Once the custom field has been added and the “Use for tagging” checkbox is selected, it is enabled in the certification page. Eligibility Criteria sets up an additional layer of access privilege for Certifications for Users. Once defined, Users need to have matching Eligibility Criteria values as in the Certification in order to access the particular Certification.

Manage email preferences at the Certification level

NetExam now allows administrators to manage email preferences at the certification level. This will give you an additional layer of control when triggering user certification emails. On the Certification Add/Edit page, scroll down to the “Email Preferences” section. This is located above the “Certification Prerequisite” section.

Training Dashboard 

Trainer view provides a dashboard view for an Instructor-Led or Virtual Instructor-Led type of classrooms. It contains Class information view, Dashboard view, Manage Resources view, Registered Users view and Email view.

Quick Course Publishing 

We want to make every effort to make your site administration easier. With this release, NetExam introduces a Quick Course publishing feature. This is an enhancement to the course page allows you to quickly create a certification for a course.

If you have any questions regarding the release items, please submit a support ticket or contact Prasad De Silva


The NetExam Team

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