What's new in the NetExam Summer 2016 Release!
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 20 July 2016 10:06 AM

At Media Defined, Customer Success is our top priority! As part of our continued investment in the NetExam Learning Management System, Media Defined is excited to preview the product features and enhancements that are included in the NetExam Summer 2016 Release. Following is a brief description of the features that will be released to production at the end of July. At release, the NetExam KnowledgeBase will include complete documentation on the use and implementation of these features. 

"Class passes" for ILT Courses

NetExam will be introducing the concept of “class-pass” with this release. When a learner registers for an Instructor-Led-Class they will be emailed a "class pass" that contains a QR code unique to the learner and the class. The learner can then take this class pass to the class and let the Instructor scan it with the NetExam Instructor Mobile app which will then recognize the learner and give them attendance credit.

Video Support for Informal Learning Tracking App

The NetExam mobile learning tracking app has been enhanced with the ability to record a video of a learner performing a task such as configuring/repairing a piece of equipment, making a sales presentation etc. These video recordings will be accessible via learner's transcript.

Multi-Language Courses

NetExam Courses can now accommodate content in multiple languages giving learners the choice of which language to take them in. The system will default the course language to the learner's profile language selection but would allow them to change the selection if desired. The course can deliver both course content and the exams in the selected language.

Offline support for mobile app

NetExam now allows users to download course content to their mobile devices when connected to the Internet and be able to launch then when they do not have an Internet Connection. Once the connection is established scorm completion data will be sent back to the system.

New Ad-Hoc Reporting System with Customizable Dashboards 

This release will feature a new version of NetExam Ad Hoc reporting engine with improved query speed and several enhancements to report creation wizard to make it more user friendly. This new version will also allow users to create their own charts and dashboards.

Responsive Learner Portal

The NetExam Learner Portal has been enhanced to make it accessible from standard web browsers from devices such as phones and tablets. The responsive design will make the user interface  scale based on the device's screen size.

Fill in the Blank Questions

NetExam's exam engine will support fill-in-the-blank questions with the Summer 2016 release. Administrators will be able to select “FIll-in-the-blank” type when creating the question and enter the expected answer text.The learner will be prompted to type in their answer to a text box when taking the test.

Content Tab

NetExam will be introducing a Content Tab with Summer 2016 release. The content tab will be a full screen display of the content widget items. It will support a nested folder structure and will also feature a search function.  A potential usage of this tab would be as Knowledgebase.

Support Hybrid Venues for Classes

NetExam now supports hybrid venues for classes, where a single class can be held in both a physical venue as well as a virtual venue. Administrators who schedule virtual classes will have the option of adding a secondary venue to the class.  Learners who enroll for the class will be prompted if they would like to participate virtually or in-person.

Self Management for User Groups

NetExam will now allow designated User Group managers add new user records to the system. The new user records will belong to the same user group as the User Group Manager. The User Group Manager will also be able to edit user records of the users that belong to their user groups.

Track Ad-hoc Training

Authorized Managers will be able to track Informal training events using the Learner Portal’s User Group Management tan. This ability was only available via the Manager Mobile app previously.

Equivalent Courses 

NetExam will be introducing the concept of course equivalencies with this release. Administrators will be able to access course configuration view and specify what other courses would be equivalent to a given course . The  equivalency will be used to determine is learner has completed the required pre-requisites.

Venue size checks for Classes 

When you select a venue for an Instructor Led Class, the system will verify if the venue can accommodate the maximum class size. This enhancement will make sure that you will no select a venue that is smaller than the class size.  

Localized Time Zone Support for Calendar 

The Learner Portal calendar automatically displays events in the learner’s local time zone. The learner can set their time zone in the profile view. For an example, if the class was scheduled for 8 AM Central Standard Time and the learner’s time zone is set to the Hawaii Time Zone the system will display the class in the Hawaii Time Zone  to the learner in the calendar view.

Bulk User Deactivation 

User management is an important part of NetExam Administration. The new Bulk User Deactivation module allows administrators to deactivate users via User Groups or via a file upload. They can either select the user groups from the grid or upload a CSV file with user’s email addresses to be deactivated.

Bulk Unenroll Users from a Course

NetExam now supports bulk un-enrollment of users from a course. Using this new module, Administrators will be able to  search and select a course, view the users who are enrolled in it and select the users that they may want to un-enroll from the course.

Support for Bulk importing Inactive user records

The bulk upload functionality will now allow administrators to upload inactive user records that they can choose to activate at a later time. A new “Status” field has been added to the CSV upload template that can be used to indicate if the record should be active or inactive. If a value is not present the record will default to active.

If you have any questions please submit a support ticket or contact Prasad De Silva


The NetExam Team

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