NetExam Release Announcement June 10, 2016
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 10 June 2016 02:03 PM

Release Description Target Impact / Notes
Audit Trail for eMail templates Released to all

This is an enhancement made to the email templates. NetExam introduced a log to maintain the modifications done to email templates. This log contains modified date/time and the user who edit and updated the template.

Save As (Copy) Option to Certification

Released to all

NetExam now allows you to copy an entire Certification including all it attributes and course selections. You can access this via the new “Save As” button that has been introduced to the Certification configuration view.

Exam Question & Answer Export

Released to all

You can now export the questions and answers that are contained in an exam via the exam configuration view.  The export will be in Microsoft Word Format and will list all the questions and answers eligible for the exam. You can access this functionality by clicking on the Exam Question Export button added to the exam configuration view.

Bulk User Deactivation

By Account

NetExam now support bulk user deactivation via CSV file uploads. You can upload a file consisting of the email addresses of the users to be deactivated. This new module is available by clicking the Users Tab and then selecting Bulk User Deactivation.

Full Announcement

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