NetExam 2022 release items are now on Production
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 13 June 2022 10:48 AM

At Media Defined, customer success is our top priority! We continue to improve NetExam based on your requests and usage, and our goal is to enable our customers to make the most of each new release. As part of our ongoing investment in the NetExam Learning Management System, Media Defined is pleased to present the following upgrades and product features as part of the NetExam 2022 release.

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Oracle Sales Cloud Integration

NetExam has extended its award-winning CRM/PRM integration to the Oracle Sales Cloud. This integration is bidirectional, with NetExam receiving Partner and Contact Data from the Oracle Sales Cloud and NetExam sending training completions to the Oracle Sales Cloud. When a Partner or Partner Contact is created in the Oracle Sales Cloud, the integration sends that data to NetExam, creating a User Group and User object. The users are automatically enrolled in relevant onboarding training and emailed access instructions. Read more

Oracle Human Capital Management Integration

NetExam is now integrated with the Oracle HCM platform. With this integration, NetExam can automatically create learner accounts for new hires and assign them training based on their job roles. Read more

ETL Process

Businesses often manage data from a variety of data sources and use a number of data analysis tools to produce business intelligence. Training data is usually one dimension used to execute such a complex data strategy. The data must be able to travel securely between systems and apps. To facilitate this, NetExam has introduced a mechanism that allows clients to extract specific data from the system into an external repository. This architecture is done using processes that fetch the data and place the data as CSV files at a designated secure FTP location or network-accessible location. Read more

Cohort Learning Plans

Cohort-based learning is a learning method where learners learn and collaborate about a specific topic at the same time. These learning plans typically have a duration of several months. It is a common and proven approach used by universities, colleges, and MOOC courses. Cohort Learning plans can be used in scenarios like partner/customer onboarding, advanced topics, or in any situation where "batches" of learners undergo training. Read more

Configurable Recertification Workflows

NetExam now supports configurable recertification workflows. Administrators can configure the required courses for recertification. The recertification requirements can optionally vary based on whether the certification has not expired or by the amount of time it has been since expiration.

Bynder Integration

Bynder is a digital asset management platform for sales and marketing teams to standardize documents and collateral.  Bynder was recognized as a Wave Leader for 2022 by Forrester Research in the Digital Asset Management for customer experience category. NetExam’s Bynder integration enables Bynder-hosted content to be displayed in  NetExam’s Content tab. The content that appears in NetExam can be controlled via metadata settings in Bynder. Read more

ON24 Integration

NetExam has now added the ON24 web conferencing platform to its’ list of integrated virtual instructor-led training platforms. The NetExam-ON24 integration has the following features. Read more

Seismic Integration

Seismic is an industry-leading sales enablement and digital sales engagement platform. NetExam’s Seismic integration allows Seismic users to search NetExam courses from within the Seismic application. Courses that match the search terms will appear in a “NetExam” subtab within the search results panel. Users will be able to click on these courses and launch them directly without having to log into NetExam.

XOXODay Rewards Integration

XOXODay is a rewards catalog and gifting platform. NetExam's integration with XOXODay will enable our customers to reward their learners with gifts and rewards, incentivizing them for their training investment. The integration will enable a Single-Sign-On (SSO) between the NetExam Learner Portal and the XOXODay Rewards Catalog, allowing learners to redeem points they have earned in NetExam for gift cards.

Mastery Reports

NetExam Mastery Reports will let you view a learner's mastery of a given learning objective. The Mastery Reports also display a summary showing the percentage of users who have mastered the topic versus those who have partially or have not mastered the topic. The Mastery Report will appear as a new subtab in the course configuration view. Read more

Mimeo Digital Integration

Mimeo Digital is a platform for securely distributing digital content to users. Mimeo Digital enforces Digital Rights Management (DRM) policies you set in the documents protecting your IP. The NetExam Mimeo integration allows you to share DRM-protected digital content with your learners.  A use case is sharing a digital textbook with learners who are enrolled in taking a training class. Read more

Individual Training Goals

NetExam now allows you to set individual training goals for users. This is an extension of the popular group training goals. The training goal for users can be configured at the User view. Learners will be able to view the goals assigned to them and their progress towards completion. Read more

Enhanced Role Permissions

NetExam has extended its Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) security model to support roles that can have read-only views for exams and/or lesson content. This enables you to create separate roles to author lesson content and exams.

Automatic exam time extensions

NetExam now supports automatic timed exam time extensions for learners who need extra time to complete exams. After administrators identify these users via their user configuration view, they will automatically be given a 50% extension of the time allocated for the exam. The extension percentage can be modified if needed. 

Please contact a NetExam Account Representative or create a support ticket to enable those items on your account.

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