NetExam Product Releases 2021
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 28 January 2021 06:07 AM

At Media Defined, customer success is our top priority! We continue to improve NetExam based on your requests and usage. Our goal is to enable our customers to make the most of each new release. As part of our ongoing investment in the NetExam Learning Management System, Media Defined is pleased to present the following upgrades and product features as part of the NetExam 2021 release. It will be available on the Production servers by February 2021.

Release Slide Deck Recorded Webinar on Jan 25 Recorded Webinar on Jan 27

Support of Microsoft Teams / Zoom Integration with NetExam

NetExam now integrates with Zoom and MS Teams with the following features:

  • When a class is created in NetExam, it will create an MS Teams/Zoom session via the API
  • When a learner registers for a class in NetExam, it will add them to the MS Teams/Zoom session and provide access information
  • When the class is over, it will connect to the MS Teams/Zoom API and automatically update the class roster Lightning Components

  • Embed NetExam Lightning Components in Lightning Portals
  • This contains components for Self-paced and Instructor-Led Training

AI-based auto-grading for Video assignments

  • Learner submitted video assignments can now be auto-graded by NetExam using an AI algorithm
  • This functionality was developed using AI services from IBM Watson and Google AI.
  • The AI-model does require historical data for “training”

Microlearning  with Question of the Day

  • The Question of the Day feature will display a selected question to learners each day.
  • The questions will be selected using a Spaced Repetition algorithm.
  • Spaced Repetition algorithms have been proven to effective in increasing the knowledge retention

Microlearning with Flash Cards

  • NetExam now supports FlashCards.
  • The FlashCard can be associated with an e-Learning course.
  • Similar to Question of the Day, FlashCards also uses a spaced repetition algorithm to select the card to be displayed.

Virtual Lab Integration with CloudLabs and SkyTap

  • NetExam is now integrated with CloudLabs and SkyTap Systems to bringing CloudLabs and SkyTapVirtual Labs for on-demand e-learning courses.
  • CloudLabs supports the lab in the Microsoft Azure cloud, while SkyTap supports labs on Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

New Administration Application

  • A brand new NetExam administration application completely rebuilt using the latest web application frameworks.
  • The new administration application will feature many process flow improvements.

Please contact a NetExam representative or create a support ticket to enable those items on your account.


The NetExam Team

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