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The following document list the Authorize.Net response codes, response reason codes and response reason texts that are return for each transaction.

Note: NetExam displays response codes from 1-4 but specific error codes could be retrieved from the logs when needed.

NetExam now integrates with Chase Payment Tech. This allows users to purchase courses through Credit Card, Debit card options. NetExam Administrators will need to set up a Payment tech Account before being able to use this feature.

Currently we support Mastercard, Visa and AMEX. For other payment processing options, please check the other articles in the eCommerce section of our Knowledgbase.

eCommerce Support with 6

How to enable and configure eCommerce Account on the Admin Application

1)     Click on Ecommerce Accounts under the E-Commerce tab

2)     Click on “Create new E-Commerce Account Button” 

3)     Select the Mode as Live then select as the gateway. Then enter the API Login ID and Transaction Key


The result would be that the verified account information would get saved.

Additional material in regard to eCommerce could be obtained by downloading/viewing the eCommerce Guide from the Download section of the Knowledge Base.

NetExam is working to provide you with a variety of great options for payment processing. Our engineers have integrated Payment Express - a premier global leader in payment technology as another payment gateway available in NetExam.



It’s accessed under Ecommerce: New eCommerce accounts. The Admin registers with and gets a Merchant code, User Name and Password.  Once enabled, your credit card transactions will go through the Payment Express gateway.