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Refer the attached guide on Bulk user upload and the Excel Template for uploading multiple Users into the NetExam Learning Management System (bulk upload).

How to Bulk upload Users to a User Group

NetExam allows you to upload multiple Users to a User Group using the Bulk Upload method.

Preparing for Bulk Uploads:

  1. In order to bulk upload your users to the user group in NetExam, you must first prepare your user list. In a spreadsheet, enter the user’s email address, one email address per row, in the first column.

  2. Once you completed adding all the email addresses, save your file as .CSV format.

Bulk Uploading:

  1. From the NetExam Admin site, navigate to the User Group for the bulk upload by highlighting the Users main tab and select the User Groups link.

  2. From the User Groups Management page, perform a search for the User Group for your bulk upload.

  3. From the Add/Edit A User Group Page, scroll down and click on the “Users in Group” button.  This will take you to a new page listing all users currently in this user group. To proceed with bulk upload, click the “Bulk Load Users” button at the bottom of this page. From the file selection prompt, select your .CSV file in your computer and then click Save.

Note: Using this method will only add users that currently exist in the NetExam system.