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NetExam Administrators can create Training Goals for User Groups. 

Each Training Goal has a target to achieve. To reach the target, a user must complete the number of Certifications and/or Courses within a given time frame.

From the student site, the user will be able to see their user group's goal vs achievements in the Goals tab.

Procedure to create and enable Partner Training Goals

From the NetExam Admin site click on Users tab and click the Partner Training Goals link. You will see the following screen:

Click Create a New Partner Training Goal. When completing the Certifications/Courses goals, please ensure the Required Completion field has a value before saving your goal. If you need to add more certifications or courses, you can click on the goal name to edit. 

Once you've created your goal, you can add the goal to your user groups.

Open your user group page – Users – User groups.

You will notice a new field called “Goals” is added into the User Group page, where you can select the goals you defined in the previous step.

Click Save to save your changes.

Enable Partner Training Goal Link in Admin site

Navigate to Users – Roles – Select the role - Under users click on Partner Training Goal

Enable Partner Training Goal Tab in student site

Navigate to Users – Roles – Under Student Portal Tabs select “View Partner Training Goal”

The student's Primary user group should be the one that you set up with the Partner Training Goal.

Once the student logs on to the student site, they are  able to see the Goal Tab and the relevant goal information within that tab.


NetExam continues to provide a robust competency architecture including several components typically used in competency management. In addition to training and certification as a measure of competency, NetExam includes a Talent Management module that provides additional competency assessment criteria. (see also Learning Plans and Partner Training Goals)

The Talent Management module tracks, manages and reports on competencies to help determine and manage gaps in the team's capabilities. The module is effective whether it's for internal employees or external partners and agents, automating tracking by associating defined competencies with exams, courses, job categories, etc.

Administrators can:

  • Create and define Competencies
  • Create and define Proficiency Levels
  • Associate a Competency with a desired Proficiency level to a Job Category
  • Associate a Competency with a desired Proficiency level to a Course (via exam). Successful completion of the course implies the user has this Competency at the specified Proficiency level. 

A user's profile record in the Admin view shows:

  • The Competencies a user has achieved based on the courses they have completed
  • The Competencies a Manager has added
  • A comparison on the targeted Competencies for their job role versus what they have now (Proficiency vs. Assessed Proficiency)

For a guide to the setup and use of the Talent Management module, please review the attached pdf.

NetExam now allows you to set individual training goals for users. This is an extension of the popular group training goals. The training goal for users can be configured at the User view. Learners will be able to view the goals assigned to them and their progress towards completion.