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The ability for a User Group Manager to view a Group Transcript is available in the Student site under the Group Transcript Tab. The Manager can click the Group Transcript button to view the transcripts of each of the Users in the designated User Group.
In order for the Manager to view the transcripts of the Users the following conditions must be met:

    • The User Role of the Manager should have permission for that button to appear.
    • The selected User Group has to be in the Manager's Primary User Group and it has to match that of the User
    • They should be selected as the Manager of that specific User Group.

If any of these conditions are not met, the Manager will not be able to see any Users who are in that particular User Group.

Our research indicates many managers work with several tiers of user groups and need to view certification info selectively. We’ve enabled this function through a Tab that is implemented in the Student Portal. When setting up the Tab in User: Roles, you check the View User Group Details box to enable the Tab as visible for the selected user role. The Tab name is also customizable by going to Communications: Content Editor: Main Content.

From the tab, group managers can view the summary of certifications, course enrollments, and completions for their assigned user groups. Our example created a Role of Field Sales Manager with a User Group of Acme Field Sales, a sub group of Acme Software Sales. As you can see, the report shows a recap of the students in that user group as well as their individual stats. Of course, you can use this feature for both internal employees as well as managing partners and agents.


user Group Report Tab