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User Groups are simply a way to identify and manage a group of Users. Depending on the needs of your company, you may group Users by Partner Company, Department or just group students that will share common training.

User Groups serve three (3) main functions:

  • Identifying groups of users for training eligibility. 
  • Identifying groups of users for reporting purposes.
  • Identifying groups of users for sending customized communications.

All Users entered into the System will be associated with one or more User Groups, including the default “Everyone” user group. (All Users are automatically added to the “Everyone” User group.) You should add your User groups prior to assigning a Student to that particular group.

To maximize the potential of the User group functionality, you may want to consider creating group hierarchies. This is primarily done to improve reporting details.


    1. Click on the User Groups sub-tab from the Users tab (You can select the New User Group sub-tab as well).
    2. Click the New User Group button.
    3. The page will refresh with a form to fill out the information for the New User Group. Enter the required information denoted with a red asterisk (*). Click the Save button. 

If you want to create a group hierarchy, create the Parent User Group first and select “No Parent” from the drop-down option. Then, add your secondary User Groups and select the Parent User Group name from the Parent drop down options.

The ability for a User Group Manager to view a Group Transcript is available in the Student site under the Group Transcript Tab. The Manager can click the Group Transcript button to view the transcripts of each of the Users in the designated User Group.
In order for the Manager to view the transcripts of the Users the following conditions must be met:

    • The User Role of the Manager should have permission for that button to appear.
    • The selected User Group has to be in the Manager's Primary User Group and it has to match that of the User
    • They should be selected as the Manager of that specific User Group.

If any of these conditions are not met, the Manager will not be able to see any Users who are in that particular User Group.

Occasionally you will find you need to merge two user groups to a one.

From the Source User Group page click on the button Merge User Group. Then search the user group name you want to merge (Destination User Group). Then click on the Merge button next to the user group name.

Here is the outcome of the merge.

The following will take place in a User Group Merge from 'A' to 'B':

-   All A field vales will be copied into B field values
-   If both A and B has values for SAME fields, B field values will be REPLACED with A field values
-   If an A field is EMPTY and the same field in B is NOT, the value of that field in B will remain the same
-   If an A field has a value and the same field in B is EMPTY, that field of B will be COPIED with A's field value
-   All users of A will be added into B
-   B will be added into all certifications that an A was a part of
-   A gets finally deleted from the system

This document includes a basic NetExam overview including User Roles

How to Bulk upload Users to a User Group

NetExam allows you to upload multiple Users to a User Group using the Bulk Upload method.

Preparing for Bulk Uploads:

  1. In order to bulk upload your users to the user group in NetExam, you must first prepare your user list. In a spreadsheet, enter the user’s email address, one email address per row, in the first column.

  2. Once you completed adding all the email addresses, save your file as .CSV format.

Bulk Uploading:

  1. From the NetExam Admin site, navigate to the User Group for the bulk upload by highlighting the Users main tab and select the User Groups link.

  2. From the User Groups Management page, perform a search for the User Group for your bulk upload.

  3. From the Add/Edit A User Group Page, scroll down and click on the “Users in Group” button.  This will take you to a new page listing all users currently in this user group. To proceed with bulk upload, click the “Bulk Load Users” button at the bottom of this page. From the file selection prompt, select your .CSV file in your computer and then click Save.

Note: Using this method will only add users that currently exist in the NetExam system. 

Our research indicates many managers work with several tiers of user groups and need to view certification info selectively. We’ve enabled this function through a Tab that is implemented in the Student Portal. When setting up the Tab in User: Roles, you check the View User Group Details box to enable the Tab as visible for the selected user role. The Tab name is also customizable by going to Communications: Content Editor: Main Content.

From the tab, group managers can view the summary of certifications, course enrollments, and completions for their assigned user groups. Our example created a Role of Field Sales Manager with a User Group of Acme Field Sales, a sub group of Acme Software Sales. As you can see, the report shows a recap of the students in that user group as well as their individual stats. Of course, you can use this feature for both internal employees as well as managing partners and agents.


user Group Report Tab