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Refer the attached guide on Bulk user upload and the Excel Template for uploading multiple Users into the NetExam Learning Management System (bulk upload).

When a user states that the date format they are seeing is incorrect, please submit a support ticket indicating the user’s “Country” and “Language”. We will update our records to reflect the correct date format.

New users can be bulk uploaded, individually added via the NetExam Admin site, and can be provisioned directly from

  • Bulk uploads - a minimum of 20 users is required for bulk upload into the NetExam system and new user information must be submitted on the bulk user spreadsheet provided (Click Here to download the template). Once the spreadsheet has been filled out, please send it to the NetExam Support Center via a Service Request Ticket for processing (Note: Please submit only uploads of 20 or more Users at a time).
  • Individual additions - if you have 1-20 Users to add to the NetExam system, please follow these steps:
    1. Under the User tab, select the New User sub tab.

    1. Enter the following minimum required User information:
        • First Name

        • Last Name

        • Username

        • User Role

        • Business E-mail

        • Time Zone

        • Country

        • Language

        • User Group

      • Cost Center

        • User Type
    2. If a registration email should be sent, select the Send Registration Email checkbox.

  1. Click the Add User button to complete the process.
  • Provisioning - NetExam provides a public API that can be used to add Users into NetExam from SFDC (Note: More information can be provided regarding the API upon request).

From the Admin site, click on General Tab - Click on Self Registration - Click on “Available”.  

Self Registration is configured by user Role, Type, Group and Cost Center.

You may change and customize the settings that will be shown in the User Registration form. When finished, click the Submit button. This will activate the Register button on the Student Login page.

For additional information, see the attached NetExam Self-Registration Guide.

Your learners can login to NetExam system using his/her LinkedIn account username and password. When the user clicks the Login with LinkedIn button on the Learner Portal login page, it directs the user to enter their LinkedIn username and password.

After submitting their username and password, the system will check if a user record exists in NetExam with a matching email address. If a matching record is found, the user will be logged in. If not, a new user record will be created for the user with information retrieved from LinkedIn.

This functionality can be turned on/off via the NetExam Admin Application by System Administrators.

To enable LinkedIn login:

  1. Go to General: Self Registration Configuration.
  2. Select Enable Linked In: Enable. Note: Login from LinkedIn is available when the Self Registration Siedget is enabled.

The Login with LinkedIn button will appear on the Learner Portal login page.

This document describes the setup, daily use, and best practices of NetExam's Self-Registration feature.

When adding a user, NetExam requires that a Strong password be created.

The minimum requirements for a Strong password in NetExam are:

  • Minimum 8 characters in length
  • It must contain at least one letter
  • One number
  • One symbol or special character. 

For example, this password meets the requirements: Abcd!234

User profiles contain an optional Start Date. If a Start Date is specified, the user will not have login access until that date. This feature is helpful for companies that want to offer users, e.g., contractors, temporary access to the NetExam system.

Go to the User Add / Edit page to specify the Start Date. 

Start by Date