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Parent Certifications/Course Groups are used to create a grouping of Certifications/Course Groups. Multiple language versions can be associated with a Parent Certification.

Creating a Parent Certification 

  1. Click on Parent Certifications in the Certifications section of the navigation.

  2. From the Choose A Parent Certification To Edit page, select the Add A New Parent Certification from the dropdown list of options and click the Submit button.

  3. Name – Enter the name for your Parent Certification/CourseGroup.

  4. Click Submit to add the Parent Certification/Course Group.

  5. The page will refresh with a list of certifications by language. Select the certifications you want to associate with this Parent Certification from the dropdown options. Note: only one certification per language is permitted.

  6. Click the Update button to add the certifications.

    Note: Once you have added the Parent Certification/Course Group, you must go back to the Product Line and associate this Parent Certification/Course Group with the Product Line.