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Setting up Authorized Training Provider (ATP) Access in NetExam

  • Click Classroom -> Authorized Training Provider.

ATP Step 01

  • Click on Create New ATP Button.

ATP Step 02

  • Add the relevant ATP information.

ATP Step 03

  • Create a new Role called “ATP”.

ATP Step 04

  • Verify this new role has the "ATP Access" and "Login to Admin Application" and "Calendar" selected.

ATP Step 05

  • Create a new user records for the users from the ATP.

ATP Step 06

  • Select ATP as the role. Then select the ATP the users are associated.

ATP Step 07

  • Click Classroom -> Venues.

ATP Step 08

  • Create a new Venue.

ATP Step 09

  • Select this ATP under the ATP option.

ATP Step 10

  • Select a course(s) you would like users from this ATP to schedule the relevant classes. On the Course page select the following ATP under "ATP" selection. Note this option only appears for Classroom courses.

ATP Step 11

  • This user will now be able to login to the NetExam Application.

Please note that they will only have access to the Calendar module. From the calendar they will be able create new classes on the courses they have been authorized to access.

They will also be able to schedule the classes on venues that have been associated with their respective ATP. They will also be able to view other classes that belong to their ATP.