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If you need to create a new course using an existing course, please see How do I Duplicate a Course.

This article provides instructions on moving or copying an existing course into a new curriculum, company, etc.


  1. Select the Course/Copy Course Tab.

  2. Choose Copy or Move.

  3. Select the Source Company.

  4. Select the Source Curriculum.

  5. Select the Destination Company.

  6. Select the Destination Curriculum.

  7. You will be provided with a list of courses from the source curriculum.

  8. Select the Course to Copy or Move.

  9. Choose whether to Copy All Questions and Answers.

  10. Click Submit. You will see the course in the new location.

NetExam allows you to also create Courses based on an existing course using the Save As feature. Using the Save As feature will create a duplicate of the Course including all Resources, Questions and Answers as well as any Exams.

Procedure to use “Save As” feature

    1. Go to Courses and select a course you want to duplicate.
    2. Scroll down to the Edit Course page and click the Save As button.
    3. The new window is entitled Save a Course under a New Curriculum. The action is Rename or Copy a Course. The new course title will default to “Copy of” and the existing Course title. You can change this title in the field provided.
    4. Select the Curriculum you want the new Course to appear under from the available Curriculums listed in the dropdown box of options. Click the Submit button.
    5. You will be returned to the Edit Curriculum page and the new Course will appear in the list.