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The Calendar widget shows the next five scheduled class events from the date that they are viewing.  The Student can click the More link to see the complete calendar.

Admin can turn on/off this widget by user types through NetExam Admin site - Learner Portal settings. 

Configuring the widget from the Admin site:

  1. Login to the NetExam Admin site.
  2. Click on the General tab – Click on Learner Portal Settings – Click on the User type -
  3. From the drop-down scroll down until you see the Calendar widget – Click Add – Click Save Changes

When a student, who belongs to the user type you have configured, logs in to the student site,  they will see the Calendar widget in their home page.

The Content Widget will present content in the Content Library and will display by content type. This will allow students to see the content irrespective of the course they are taking.  Visibility of this widget can be controlled by NetExam Administrators. Note: Users will not get credit for the content they launch from the Content Widget

Admins can create the sharable content via Admin site – Courses – Content Library link

Admin can put a check mark to select the content to be visible in the Content widget.

How to enable Content Library Widget

In admin site; the Content Widget could be accessed in the following manner.

1) Click on Communication. Then Learner Portal Setting.

2) Click on the “Add Widget” drop down menu.

3) Select Content Library by clicking on “add”.

The selected content will be displayed in the Student site in the following manner.

When a user states that the date format they are seeing is incorrect, please submit a support ticket indicating the user’s “Country” and “Language”. We will update our records to reflect the correct date format.

NetExam gives you the ability to create a single custom tab in your NetExam Learner Portal. This tab can be used to display content of your choice to your Learners. For example; if your company wishes to provide specific learning instructions to your students, you may use this tab for this purpose.The Admin application allows administrators to enter any HTML/JavaScript code for this tab.

The Custom Tab can be accessed via Communications – Content Templates – Click on Tab content under Category: custom content navigation options. You may also make calls to the NetExam Learner API from the HTML/JavaScript code.

Admin should be able enter relevant HTML code to the content template and it should be visible from the student side.

The name of the Custom tab should also be editable from the content template.(Main Interface Template). Communications – Content Templates – Main Interface  

Show/hide of the Custom Tab can controlled by Admin application using Role add edit page. 

Users – Roles – Click on the user role – Scroll down to Student Portal Tabs section – Click /Unclick View Custom Tab

Student side view of the Tab

Custom Text widget with HTML / WYSIWYG Editor Support

This Custom Text widget is available in the Student site: Training Tab. The Custom text widget provides the ability for Administrators to push instructions to their students, which guarantee a higher level of visibility.

This is made available only on a client request basis. Please submit a support ticket if you need this enabled for your company.

The image below shows a sample text widget.

How to format/input text?

LMS Administrators wants to use the new “Training Custom Text” template to format the text according to the Language and User Type. It can be access via NetExam Admin site – Communications – Content Templates 


This widget shows the enrolled courses for students. It provides a single place where students can access all of their enrolled courses from the home page. Certification Tab will display certifications and courses that belong to that certification. Courses tab will show only the independent courses.

Admin can go to Learner Portal settings from the Admin site – Select the Enrolled Courseware from the drop down widget selection – click add – Click Save to save your settings.

Student view of the enrolled courseware widget.

NetExam offers a widget that displays Ensemba Social Recommendations to your learners. Learners will be presented with a list of their peers, who are selected based on similar course enrollments and other attributes. Learners will be able to connect with these peers and exchange information with each other. They can also follow other individuals such as Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Instructors.

Ensemba Home page widget in the student site provides Social Recommendations for students to read up to Top 10 online resources sorted by relevant topics. Each title listed in the Social Recommendations tab links to its respective page in Ensemba with the resource loaded within the page and includes added functionality such as commenting. Each peer thumbnail links to his or her public Ensemba profile (if the peer has his or her profile set as public.)

You enable this widget from the NetExam Admin site.

Click on the General Tab – Learner Portal Settings – Select the user type and click Edit – Click the Dropdown beside Layout and themes “Add widgets” – Click on Add besides Social Learning

 Once students log on to the Student site they see the Social Learning Widget.

Users can see Peers and are able to click on the links under the Recommended Content tab to access the social learning content. 



The NetExam LMS gives the Administrator the ability to see how the Students Learner Portal looks like.


    1. Search for the User by entering his/her name or email address on the search option on the left of the Admin site.
    2. Click on the User's name to go to his/her profile.
    3. In the User's profile page (Add/Edit a User), select the Login as Learner button to go to the Student site and view what the User will see within the Student site.

This helps an Administrator verify any changes that are done to the Student site and if required, to check on the issues that the User may be experiencing, if there are any.

The Administrator is able to view a User's Transcript to see the progress that particular User has made.

This Transcript can be viewed by clicking on the View Transcript button on the User's profile page in the Admin site.

This page will display with a list of all the Certifications and Courses that the User has taken.

Certification/Courses: This column will display the name of the Course or Certification. The gray row is for Certifications and white row is for Courses.

Status: This column shows in which stage the training is in:

  • Courses will show either Completed or Registered/In Progress
  • Certifications will show either Completed or In Progress
  • If a Certification or Course has a completion Certificate, it is available for the Admin to view by clicking on the Certificate icon

Complete Date: This column displays the date at which the User completed this training.

Score: This shows the score that the User attained for the training.

CertificateID: Shows the Certificate ID associated with the Certification

Complete by Date: Shows the Date the Course should be completed by.

View Checklist: Shows the Checklist if it was enabled in the Course

Credit Hours: Credit Hourse earned when completed.

The Independent Courses section displays the Courses that are not associated with a Certification and also any ILT classes associated with these Courses, that the User has enrolled in and completed

  • When a Course is In Progress, the User has still not completed that particular Course.
  • When a Course is Completed, the User has completed this Course. In the same row, the Complete Date and the Score will also be displayed.
  • When a Course has an ILT class associated with it, the Class will show the Status that the Instructor or Administrator has marked for it and if completed, the Completion date as well.

If there is a Course that has been cancelled, it will be displayed under the Cancelled Courses section, with the status as Cancelled and the date that it was cancelled.

If the User has been assigned any External Courses, then it will be displayed under the External Courses section, with the date period of that particular Course and the Status of it and if Attended or not.

  1. First, upload your SWF file into the Content Library - Courses: Content Library. Ensure "Include in Content Widget" checkbox is not checked.
  2. When uploaded, click on the ID to get the URL for the uploaded file. Copy to a notepad-type app.
  3. Open the attachment in this article.
  4. Go to Communications: Content Template and select Welcome Message. Select the Language, User Type.
  5. Click on the Text Editor. Copy the code in the attached file in to the editor.
  6. Replace the URL with the one you have. Ensure is in the front portion of the URL
  7. Save your template.

We have enhanced Leaderboard and Points widget so that is shows both social learning points and a badges tabs. The Social Learning tab will show the points the learner have obtained for each social learning topic subscription. The badges tab will display a list of learners who have been awarded badges with the accompanying badge image.

Admin can add this widget from the Admin site - Leaner Portal Settings - Select the widget name "Points Leader Board"

The Learner Portal settings allow the NetExam admin to customize the student site as desired and/or according to the organization best practices.

The following are some of the widgets available at the disposal of the NetExam admin. Please refer the document for complete list.

  • Welcome
  • RSS Feed
  • News and Information
  • Available Training
  • Enrolled Courseware
  • Points Leaderboard
  • Social Learning
  • Certification Progress
  • Messages
  • New Courses
  • Popular Courses
  • Content Library
  • Calendar

The Learner portal setting allows the admin to select any of the above mentioned widgets and drag/rearrange them to a desired position/location; thereby allowing them to customize their student site. 

Please download the latest version of NetExam Student site CSS Guide

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The Partner Goals widget shows the individual vs. group training goal achievements on the student site. NetExam Administrators are able to create Training Goal(s) for User groups. Each Training Goal is comprised of a target that students can achieve. For example, a user must complete a number of Certifications and/or Courses within a given time frame. The results are viewed from the student site Partner Goals widget, which includes the user's group goal versus the achievements in the Goals tab.

Students can click on the Goals tab to see all the achievement dashboards.

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NetExam features a Points Leader Board widget that displays Learners who accumulate points as courses are completed. The Points Leader Board widget displays point leaders and the number of points accrued in the student site. Administrators can enable/disable the visibility of this widget using the NetExam administrative interface.

To add points to a Course, go to the Add/Edit a Course page, locate the Points field and add the number of points associated with the Course.

In order to add this widget to a Learner Portal Home Page:

  1. Go to General Tab: Learner Portal Settings
  2. Select the User Type
  3. Click on the drop down to select the Points Leader Board widget
  4. Click Add beside Points Leader board
  5. Click Save

Once students log on to the Student site they are able to see the Points Leader board in their Home page. 

The RSS/Blog widget allows you to display RSS feeds to your students on the NetExam Student Site home page directly from your own corporate site or from any other news source. NetExam Administrators can configure the RSS Feed widget from the Admin site for different user types.

How to configure the RSS/Blog Widget?

To add the RSS Feed Widget to your user types:

  1. Login to NetExam Admin Site.
  2. Click on General Tab: Learner Portal Settings
  3. Click on the User Type you want to be enabled for this widget
  4. Click on the drop-down and select RSS/Blog and click Add

  • Once you have added the widget, click on the icon in the middle on the top right-hand corner of the widget to add your RSS Feed URL.  See the screenshot below.

  • Click OK and click “Save Changes on the bottom of the page to save your work.

How do I see the changes in the Student Site?

  • Log in as a Learner using a student who belongs to the user type configured for the RSS Widget.
  • On the Student site, you see the RSS Feed widget on the student home page.


Social learning is a powerful additive to engaged learning. You can enable the “Social Learning” tab from the User Role Add/Edit page. This will display a separate tab in the student site where the student can open Media Defined’s own social platform – Ensemba. You should check out Ensemba – social learning for business with Interests, Badges, Points, and more.


Social Tab


In the Student view, the Available Training and Enrolled Training widgets display a tile image representation of the certification and individual courses by default. Students can switch between the Tile View and List View by selecting either in the dropdown selection button in the upper right corner of the widget.

Steps to upload a graphic in to your course/Certification

Administrators upload the image for their courses/certification through Course/Certification Add/Edit page in the NetExam Admin side. If there are not any images uploaded, the course will use the system default image. Recommended image formats: JPG, PNG and resolution @ 228px x 160px and Course Icon image size: 32 x 30 px