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Your learners can login to NetExam system using his/her LinkedIn account username and password. When the user clicks the Login with LinkedIn button on the Learner Portal login page, it directs the user to enter their LinkedIn username and password.

After submitting their username and password, the system will check if a user record exists in NetExam with a matching email address. If a matching record is found, the user will be logged in. If not, a new user record will be created for the user with information retrieved from LinkedIn.

This functionality can be turned on/off via the NetExam Admin Application by System Administrators.

To enable LinkedIn login:

  1. Go to General: Self Registration Configuration.
  2. Select Enable Linked In: Enable. Note: Login from LinkedIn is available when the Self Registration Siedget is enabled.

The Login with LinkedIn button will appear on the Learner Portal login page.

This document describes the setup, daily use, and best practices of NetExam's Self-Registration feature.