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The attached document is a setup and integration guide for NetExam installations.

Also, see Salesforce to NetExam Basics of Data Integration and Salesforce to NetExam Enhanced Course Data Integration

In order to transfer user's completed certifcation the following conditions should be satisfied.

1. Certification should have a valid External ID

2. User record should have a valid External ID (Contact ID)

3. User's user groups should have valid external ID.

4. User should complete the certification.

When all these conditions met, certificate will be automatically transfer to SalesForce. In addition LMS Admin could click the "Send user Certification to SFDC" from User's Manage Course Registration page.

NetExam Administrators can manage SFDC Credentials from the NetExam admin site. Some of the fields they can modify are: User name, Password, Security Token etc. This option can be accessed by selecting the Communications tab, then SFDC Configuration option.

This guide will give you the data model and the custom objects reference in NetExam - integration

1. Will the email be sent every time I press the Send Contact to NetExam button?

No. This will work only for new user registration. 

2. How can Admin see if the email went out? Is there any log to check?

The Communication Report located under the Communications tab in the NetExam Admin site will show you a log of the email that went out to users. This report can be filtered according to specific dates and the relevant email templates.

One of our goals is to make using NetExam easier. Using SFDC OAuth login settings, Learners can have a single sign on with their SFDC credentials! Learners who have an SFDC login can choose the “Login from SFDC” option.

To enable SSO OAuth login, you will have to provide us with your OAuth consumer key and consumer secret code. (We are working on adding a UI for this function.) To acquire your credentials you will need to configure a “connected app” in your Salesforce account.

Follow these steps to add the connected app in Salesforce:

  1. Go to Setup: Create: App: Connected App: New
  2. Connected App Name : Netexam_OAuth
  3. API Name :NE_OAuth 
  4. Contact Email : a valid email
  5. Enable OAuth Settings : check
  6. Callback URL :
  7. Selected OAuth Scopes : Full Access (Full)

Once you save NetExam as your connected app, you will get a consumer key and consumer secret under the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section. Submit a Support Ticket for our support team to implement the login.


This guide provides the basic steps of Salesforce to NetExam Data Integration.

NetExam has an integration with that allows for NetExam training objects: Courses and Certifications to be transmitted to SFDC and stored in custom objects. This allows the flexibility of reporting on this data directly from within SFDC.

Also, please see the companion documents - Salesforce to NetExam Enhanced Course Data Integration and Salesforce to NetExam Setup and Integration Guide.

NetExam supports Chatter Integration. NetExam can post new updates to Chatter when the following events occur:

  • When a new Course is created, a message can be posted announcing its availability to the Chatter stream. 
  • When a new Certification is created, a message can be posted announcing its availability to the Chatter stream.
  • When a user completes a Certification, a message can be posted to the Chatter Stream announcing the completion.

This guide will provide you the information regarding the most recent enhancements to Salesforce to NetExam Course Data Integration.

Also, for Other Salesforce to Netexam Integration info see Salesforce to NetExam Setup and Integration Guide and Salesforce to Netexam Basics of Data Integration / NetExam Course Data Integration Guide v1.0

Question: Can NetExam sync the user who self registered with SFDC? 

Answer: No. The user will not register automatically in SFDC when using Self Registration. If you need the user account to sync with SFDC, first you need to create the profile in SFDC, then update the SFDC ID in the user’s NetExam Account ID.