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You can broaden the reach of your Instructor-Led Training (ILT) through the use of online conferencing systems. NetExam has expanded its list of integrated conferencing providers with its integration with Zoom.  NetExam's Zoom integration allows you to create Zoom-based training classes via the NetExam administration application and automatically record class attendance.

The attached document is a setup and integration guide for NetExam installations.

Also, see Salesforce to NetExam Basics of Data Integration and Salesforce to NetExam Enhanced Course Data Integration

Using digital asset management (DAM) as the glue between your systems enables a single source of truth and consistency across channels that need access to the same content.

Supplier to pull information and display assets associated with a particular course or learning object. The integration will provide two-way communication and identify what content has been consumed.

NetExam has added FirstData (Payeezy) Global Payments to it's list of payment processing gateways. FirstData has a global footprint of 6 million merchants, the largest in the payments industry.

This tab includes the NetExam API V 5.0001 Information. See also NetExam Learn API details.

Microsoft CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management system (CRM) designed to help organizations attract, keep and develop profitable customer relationships.

This guide will give you the data model and the custom objects reference in NetExam - integration

Centrify Integration

Centrify and NetExam have partnered to give NetExam users single sign-on and provide IT with centralized management and security using an existing infrastructure.

Centrify eliminates password sprawl with Active Directory- and/or cloud-based SSO for NetExam, making users happy while giving IT centralized control over access. As part of Centrify for SaaS, our single sign-on for NetExam decreases the cost of rolling out and managing NetExam and other cloud applications while at the same time improving user adoption, satisfaction and productivity.


What do you get?

Active Directory Integration

A 5-minute install securely connects your Active Directory to NetExam via the Centrify Cloud Service without replicating sensitive data to the cloud or a 3rd-party — with no extra holes in the firewall. Don’t have AD or want 100% cloud-based identity? No problem, Centrify supports that too.

Secure Browser Single Sign-on (SSO)

Simply use your Active Directory or Centrify cloud-based credentials to get one-click access to NetExam and all your favorite SaaS apps through the MyCentrify Portal.

Mobile Zero Sign-on (ZSO)

Users enroll mobile devices in the Centrify Cloud Service and use the MyCentrify App for easy access to all of their web apps and native mobile apps like NetExam.

User Self-Service with MyCentrify

Self-service features let users locate, lock or wipe their mobile devices and reset their Active Directory passwords.


Learn more: Datasheet for Centrify-NetExam integration

NetExam ETL Data Structures

NetExam has a mechanism that allows clients to extract certain data from NetExam into an external repository/system. This architecture is done using processes that fetch the data and place the data as csv files at a designated secure ftp location.  The data extracted from NetExam can be put into two categories:

  1. Training Object Data
  2. User Transcript Data

Training Object Data

The Training object data consists of

  • Parent Certification
  • Certification
  • Course
  • Class

These are just the instance objects. No user/transcript data is involved in this extract. For each object we have a script that extracts the Delta (changed records) or Full file. The Delta file will contain only records that were updated since the last file generation and the Full file will contain the full data set with no constraints.

User Transcript Data

The User Transcript data  consists of

  • User Parent Certification
  • User Parent Certification Archive
  • User Certification
  • User Certification Archive
  • User Course
  • User Course Archive
  • User Class
  • User Class Archive

These objects hold user transactions. For each object, we have a script that will extract the Delta (changed records) or Full file. Similarly, the Delta file will contain only records that were updated since the last file generation and the Full file will contain the full data set. 

The User Transcript data capture changes such as Enrollment, Un Enrollment, Completion, Percentage Progress where applicable. The sample extract document attached here contains sample data for your reference.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to your Accounts Manager or contact NetExam Support

Integrate NetExam with Mimeo such that users in NetExam are able to access content from the Mimeo infrastructure. 

NetExam  - Microsoft Team guide will provide you a step-by-step walkthrough on setting up a Team instance in the Microsoft Azure platform and making the integration with NetExam.

Please see the attached guide for more information.

NetExam has now added the ON24 web conferencing platform to its’ list of integrated virtual instructor-led training platforms. The NetExam-ON24 integration has the following features:

  • When a class is created in NetExam, it will create an ON24 session via the API
  • When a learner registers for a class in NetExam, it will add them to the ON24 session and provide access to information
  • When the class is over, it will connect to the ON24 API and automatically update the class roster
  • Once the class has ended, the learner will have the option to sign up for a recorded version of the class

NetExam has partnered with the OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace to bring you over 20,000 pre-built business courses. We have integrated the OpenSesame course catalog so that our customers can browse and search it from within the NetExam system. As a NetExam customer, you will receive preferred pricing from OpenSesame.

NetExam is now integrated with the Oracle HCM platform. With this integration NetExam can automatically create learner accounts for new hires and assign them training based on their job roles.

NetExam has now extended its award-winning CRM/PRM integration to the Oracle Sales Cloud. This integration is bidirectional with NetExam receiving Partner and Contact data from the Oracle Sales Cloud and NetExam sending Certification completions to the Oracle Sales Cloud.

NetExam is now integrated with Oracle Fusion CRM. Please see the following videos for more information. 

Video 1

Video II

NetExam now allows learners to post their course/Certificate completion certificates directly to their LinkedIn profiles. / NetExam Course Data Integration Guide v1.0

ComapnyID attribute must be requested from your NetExam representative. 

Sample Code for SSO to NetExam using C#

User Deactivation API

Three new web services have been added which are accessed from the SalesForce environment and/or through the client’s own applications.

The three are as follows:

1. GetInactiveUsers (string APIKey, string APIUsername, string APIPassword, int InactiveDays)

The following method could be used to get the users who are not logged in to the system with in the period of given number of days.

Example - 

If the value of InactiveDays is 30; the subsequent return value will be all the users who were not logged in to the system within last 30 days.

2. DeactivateUser (string APIKey, string APIUsername, string APIPassword, string UserID)

From this method by giving the above mentioned parameters, we can use it to deactivate users.

3. DeactivateUserbyUserExternalID (string APIKey, string APIUsername, string APIPassword, string UserExternalID)

From the above mentioned method also we can deactivate the user. But here we have to give the "UserExternalID" instead of "UserID". This mainly the method used for Salesforce.