Knowledgebase : Social Learning

NetExam now allows learners to participate anonymously in social learning. If the learner opts to participate using the anonymous mode, their name will be replaced with a randomly generated username. The anonymous participants will be able to retain the points and badges they obtain for their activities.

Click the little eye icon on the menu bar next to the display name. 

Logged in users name will display as ANON followed by set of randomly generated numbers.

NetExam has enhanced its Social Learning module to save the learner’s activities as TinCan statements. This allows an Administrator to be able to view a report of a given learner’s activities. It also allows them to compare the activities of highly productive learners against other learners in order to identify gaps and differences in their learning patterns. For example, an Administrator may observe that the more successful learners participate more in a particular social learning activity than others.

Steps: Search a user from the admin site. Go to User add/edit page - Click on View Activity button.