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Merge User Groups
Posted by Prasad De Silva, Last modified by Prasad De Silva on 19 February 2020 05:16 AM

Occasionally you will find you need to merge two user groups to a one.

From the Source User Group page click on the button Merge User Group. Then search the user group name you want to merge (Destination User Group). Then click on the Merge button next to the user group name.

Here is the outcome of the merge.

The following will take place in a User Group Merge from 'A' to 'B':

-   All A field vales will be copied into B field values
-   If both A and B has values for SAME fields, B field values will be REPLACED with A field values
-   If an A field is EMPTY and the same field in B is NOT, the value of that field in B will remain the same
-   If an A field has a value and the same field in B is EMPTY, that field of B will be COPIED with A's field value
-   All users of A will be added into B
-   B will be added into all certifications that an A was a part of
-   A gets finally deleted from the system

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