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How to setup Prerequisite Courses and Prerequisite Certification
Posted by Prasad De Silva on 18 August 2021 02:40 AM

Setting up Prerequisites for a given Course or Certification allows admin to enforce their learners to follow the Course / Certification sequence.(Learning Path) 

Eg: If the System has Course A and Course B. Admin can set Course A as the Prerequisite Course for Course B. In this situation, learners cannot directly enroll in Course B as it states You don't meet Prerequisite... message

Prerequisite Courses Setup

1. Goto the Course page and click on the Advanced Tab on v7. In v6 you can find it on the course page.

2. Select one or more prerequisite courses.

3. Now select the Prerequisite condition. There are 4 conditions. You can select one of them. Most of the Admin select the first condition.

4. Click on Update or Save Course.

Prerequisite Certification/ Program Setup

1. Goto the Certification / Program and edit. eg: Canada VET Program

2. Select the Prerequisite Certification / Program from the list. Then select the Prerequisite condition.

3. Save / Update the changes. Note: In this instance, users have to complete both Breed Nutrition and Weight Management Program certifications before enrolling in Canada Vet Program Certification. If the user tries to directly enroll on to Canada Vet Program he/she will see the "You don't meet Prerequisite"... message. 

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