How do I set the Certification Expiration Mode?
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Many types of Certifications are valid for a specified period of time. When the Certification period expires, re-Certification may be required to renew the Certification's validity. 

Setting a Certification's Expiration Type sets the period in which that Certification is active or valid. The Certification Expiration Mode enables you to apply Expiration options to a Certification.

There are two different options available, Interval and Perpetual:

The Certification will be valid for the number of days that have been set for the certification. The expiration can be set in a number of days, i.e., 365 or by a date (mmm/dd/yyyy). The Certification expires when that number of days has passed. 

If the student has not yet started or completed the Certification, in the Student’s site view, the ‘Days Valid’ column will appear blank. When the Student completes the Certification, the Student site will display the respective number of days left before the Certification expires. This allows the student to retake the Certification within that given number of days. After this set number of days has passed, the ‘Days Valid’ column will show ‘Expired’ for that Certification.

The Certification will not expire and there is no need to set a specific number of days for completion. If the student has not yet started or completed the Certification, in the Student’s site view, the ‘Days Valid’ column will appear blank. When the Student completes the Certification, an infinity symbol () will be displayed to indicate that the Certification has been completed and will not expire.


  1. Click on the Certifications/Course Groups sub-tab under the Certifications tab.
  2. Click on the Create new Certification button or Open an existing Certification.
  3. Scroll down to the 'Expiration Type' option and select the Expiration Type as,

  • Interval - Selecting this option will enable the Expiration Mode option. Set the Expiration Mode as,
  • Set Expiration with a specific date – Selecting this option will enable the option Expiration Date that lets the user select a specific expiration date.
  • Set Expiration with the number of days – Selecting this option will enable the option Expire In Days that will let the user insert the number of days that the certificate will expire in.

  • Perpetual – Selecting this option will never expire the Certification.

 Once the Certification Expiration type and mode are set, save the Certification.

What will happen once a Certification expires?

When a student enrolls in a Certification, their transcript will show a certification status of blank (if they have not started the course), In Progress or how many days are left for the valid Certification. In the event the Certification expires and the student chooses to re-certify, they will have to complete the courseware required for recertification. 

Recertification typically requires enrollment in either 1) new courseware that may have been updated with new information or 2) the existing courseware that was not modified from the original certification. In either case, the student will enroll in the Certification. If the courseware is new, the student will simply enroll and complete the coursework for the new Certification. If the courseware has not changed and the student is re-taking the same courses, they will have to UnEnroll from the previous course completion and Enroll again to receive a newly dated Certificate of completion. This means the administrator must ensure that the course allows unenrollment. On the Edit a Course page, ensure that the Disable Unenrollment checkbox is NOT checked. This allows the student to unenroll in the course and re-enroll for the new Certification validity. 

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