How do I format Email templates using Email tags? A List of Email tags
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All available email templates come pre-filled with default content that can be edited. You can insert tags by clicking the Category dropdown and selecting the appropriate object. Once the proper tag is selected click on Insert to Email Body. In the email body, you can insert images, hyperlinks, and text together with the NetExam tags.

From Email Address: Do not change the From Email Address. This address has been created specifically for your company and must have the address in order to process through the system. 

Email From Name: The From email name.

Subject: The email subject

Body: The email template content. You can enter pre-set parameter tags in your email template for additional formatting.

CCAddress: The email address(es) you want to add in the CC field. Multiple emails are separable from commas and semi colons

CCName: The CC Email Name

BCCName: The email address(es) you want to add in the BCC field. Multiple emails are separable from commas and semi colons

BCCName: The BCC Email Name

HTML Option: You can either select the Plain Text Email format or HTML Email format.


Available Parameter Tags

The following is a list of pre-defined email parameter tags can be used in formatting Email Templates.

Tag Category Tag Description
General $netexam.Header Email Header
  $netexam.Footer Email Footer
User $netexam.FullName The user's full name
  $netexam.FirstName The user's full name
  $netexam.Email The user's email address
  $netexam.Username The user's Username
  $netexam.Password The user's password
  $netexam.Company Account name / Your company name
  $netexam.URL The Login UR /The Login URL for this account
  $netexam.FromEmail The From email address
  $netexam.FromName The From name shown to the user
  $netexam.StreetAddress The Street Address
  $netexam.AdditionalAddress 2nd line in mailing address
  $netexam.City The mailing City
  $netexam.State The mailing State
  $netexam.PostalCode The mailing Postal Code
  $netexam.Country The mailing country
  $netexam.Phone The contact phone
  $netexam.Fax The contact Fax
  $netexam.CRLF A line break for new emails
  $netexam.GroupManagerName Group Manager name
  $netexam.GroupManagerEmail Group Manager email
  $netexam.ResellerName Primary User Group
  $netexam.ResellerEmail Primary User Group
  $netexam.ManagerEmail Manager email
  $netexam.Manager Manager's full name
  $netexam.User.TimeZone User Time Zone
  $netexam.ResetPasswordID ResetPassword
  $netexam.RecipientCity User City
  $netexam.RecipientState User State
  $netexam.RecipientZip User Zipcode
  $netexam.CompanyCity Company City
  $netexam.CompanyState Company State
  $netexam.CompanyZip Company Zip
  $netexam.ExaminerFullName Examiner FullName
  $netexam.ExaminerEmail Examiner Email
  $netexam.ExaminerUserName Examiner UserName
  $netexam.ExaminerPassword Examiner Password
Course $netexam.Course The course name displayed in the message body
  $netexam.Description The course description displayed in the message body
  $netexam.retakeprice The price to retake the course
  $netexam.Price The price of the course
  $netexam.DaysLeft The number of days left for the course
  $netexam.SelectedCoursePrice The selected course price
  $netexam.DaysToComplete The number of days to complete the course
  $netexam.CompleteByDate CompletByDate for a Course
Certification $netexam.CertificationName CertificationName
  $netexam.CertificationDescription CertificationDescription
  $netexam.CertificationDate CertifiedDate
  $netexam.CertificationExpirationDate CertificationExpirationDate
  $netexam.CertificationDaysToComplete Certification DaysToComplete
Class $netexam.Course The course name displayed in the message body
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassStartDate Class Start Date
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassEndDate Class End Date
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassStartTime Class Start Time for first day of Class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassEndTime Class End Time for last Day of Class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassTimeZone Class Time Zone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.FullSchedule Full schedule including all days and times of class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.Price Price of the class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.NumberOfStudents Number of Students
  $netexam.ClassRoom.SAP SAP
  $netexam.ClassRoom.Instructor Instructor Name
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueName Venue Name
  netexam.ClassRoom.VenueAddress Venue Address
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueAdditionalAddress Venue Additional Address
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueCity Venue City
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueState Venue State
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueZip Venue Zip
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueCountry Venue Country
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenuePhone Venue Phone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueWebLink Venue Web Link
  $netexam.ClassRoom.HotelInformation Venue Hotel Information
  $netexam.ClassRoom.FacilityDetails Venue Facility Details
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueCategory Venue Category
  $netexam.ClassRoom.EvalCode Venue EvalCodeD
  $netexam.ClassRoom.NearbyAirport Venue Closest Airport
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ID Schedule ID
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TARContact TAR Contact
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PrimaryContact Primary Contact
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PrimaryEmail Primary Email
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PrimaryPhone Primary Phone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TechContact Tech Contact
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TechPhone Tech Phone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TravelBillable Travel Billable
  $netexam.ClassRoom.NotesToStudent Notes to Student
  $netexam.ClassRoom.CancellationReason CancellationReason
  $netexam.ClassRoom.Cancellation CancellationPolicy
  $netexam.ClassRoom.CourseSubSchedules SubSchedules
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassName ClassName
  $netexam.ClassRoom.CustomMessage Custom Message to Students
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassPath Class Path
  $netexam.ClassRoom.AlternateInstructor Alternate Instructor Name
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PresenterURL Instructor Meeting URL
  $netexam.ClassRoom.AudienceURL Student Meeting URL
Order $netexam.Order.Number Order Number
  $netexam.Order.Date Order Date
  $netexam.Order.Company Order Company
  $netexam.Order.Seats Seats Purchased
  $netexam.Order.Price Order Price
  $netexam.Order.OrderAmount Order Amount
  $netexam.Order.OrderNumber Order Number
  $netexam.Order.OrderPaymentUrl Order Payment Url
  $netexam.Order.OrderItems Order Items Details
  $netexam.Order.ContactDetails ContactDetails email
Voucher $netexam.Voucher.CompanyName Company Name
  $netexam.Voucher.VoucherNumber Voucher Number
  $netexam.Voucher.Value Value
  $netexam.Voucher.StartDate Start Date
  $netexam.Voucher.EndDate End Date
  $netexam.Voucher.AllocatedCourseList AllocatedCourseList
Virtual lab $netexam.VirtualLab.Name Virtual Lab Name
  $netexam.VirtualLab.StartTime Virtual Lab Start Time
  $netexam.VirtualLab.EndTime Virtual Lab End Tim
  $netexam.VirtualLab.TimeZone User's Time Zone
  $netexam.VirtualLab.Duration Duration of reservation
Nomination $netexam.Nomination.StudentName Nominated Student Name
  $netexam.Nomination.RejectReason Reject Reason
  $netexam.Nomination.ApproveLevel Approve Level
  $netexam.Nomination.ClassPath Class Path
  $netexam.Nomination.CoordinatorEmail Pro Coordinator Email
  $netexam.Nomination.NomineeLogin Nominee Login Details
  $netexam.Nomination.SalesRep Sales Rep
Enrollment Approval $netexam.EnrollmentItem Class or Course or Certification name
  $netexam.DenyOrApproval Deny Or Approval
  $netexam.NotApprovalCourseStudentsID Not Approval StudentsID in Course
  $netexam.NotApprovalCertificationStudentsID Not Approval StudentsID in Certification
  $netexam.NotApprovalClassStudentsID Not Approval StudentsID in Class
Gift $netexam.Gift.Url Gift Card Url

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