How do I format Email templates using Email tags? A List of Email tags
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All available email templates come pre-filled with default content which can be edited.

From Email Address: Do not change the From Email Address. This address has been created specifically for your company and must have the address in order to process through the system. 

Email From Name: The From email name.

Subject: The email subject

Body: The email template content. You can enter pre-set parameter tags in your email template for additional formatting.

CCAddress: The email address(es) you want to add in the CC field. Multiple emails are separable from commas and semi colons

CCName: The CC Email Name

BCCName: The email address(es) you want to add in the BCC field. Multiple emails are separable from commas and semi colons

BCCName: The BCC Email Name

HTML Option: You can either select the Plain Text Email format or HTML Email format.


Available Parameter Tags

The following is a list of pre-defined email parameter tags can be used in formatting Email Templates.

Tag Category Tag Description
General $netexam.Header Email Header
  $netexam.Footer Email Footer
User $netexam.FullName The user's full name
  $netexam.FirstName The user's full name
  $netexam.Email The user's email address
  $netexam.Username The user's Username
  $netexam.Password The user's password
  $netexam.Company Account name / Your company name
  $netexam.URL The Login UR /The Login URL for this account
  $netexam.FromEmail The From email address
  $netexam.FromName The From name shown to the user
  $netexam.StreetAddress The Street Address
  $netexam.AdditionalAddress 2nd line in mailing address
  $netexam.City The mailing City
  $netexam.State The mailing State
  $netexam.PostalCode The mailing Postal Code
  $netexam.Country The mailing country
  $netexam.Phone The contact phone
  $netexam.Fax The contact Fax
  $netexam.CRLF A line break for new emails
  $netexam.GroupManagerName Group Manager name
  $netexam.GroupManagerEmail Group Manager email
  $netexam.ResellerName Primary User Group
  $netexam.ResellerEmail Primary User Group
  $netexam.ManagerEmail Manager email
  $netexam.Manager Manager's full name
  $netexam.User.TimeZone User Time Zone
  $netexam.ResetPasswordID ResetPassword
  $netexam.RecipientCity User City
  $netexam.RecipientState User State
  $netexam.RecipientZip User Zipcode
  $netexam.CompanyCity Company City
  $netexam.CompanyState Company State
  $netexam.CompanyZip Company Zip
  $netexam.ExaminerFullName Examiner FullName
  $netexam.ExaminerEmail Examiner Email
  $netexam.ExaminerUserName Examiner UserName
  $netexam.ExaminerPassword Examiner Password
Course $netexam.Course The course name displayed in the message body
  $netexam.Description The course description displayed in the message body
  $netexam.retakeprice The price to retake the course
  $netexam.Price The price of the course
  $netexam.DaysLeft The number of days left for the course
  $netexam.SelectedCoursePrice The selected course price
  $netexam.DaysToComplete The number of days to complete the course
  $netexam.CompleteByDate CompletByDate for a Course
Certification $netexam.CertificationName CertificationName
  $netexam.CertificationDescription CertificationDescription
  $netexam.CertificationDate CertifiedDate
  $netexam.CertificationExpirationDate CertificationExpirationDate
  $netexam.CertificationDaysToComplete Certification DaysToComplete
Class $netexam.Course The course name displayed in the message body
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassStartDate Class Start Date
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassEndDate Class End Date
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassStartTime Class Start Time for first day of Class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassEndTime Class End Time for last Day of Class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassTimeZone Class Time Zone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.FullSchedule Full schedule including all days and times of class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.Price Price of the class
  $netexam.ClassRoom.NumberOfStudents Number of Students
  $netexam.ClassRoom.SAP SAP
  $netexam.ClassRoom.Instructor Instructor Name
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueName Venue Name
  netexam.ClassRoom.VenueAddress Venue Address
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueAdditionalAddress Venue Additional Address
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueCity Venue City
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueState Venue State
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueZip Venue Zip
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueCountry Venue Country
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenuePhone Venue Phone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueWebLink Venue Web Link
  $netexam.ClassRoom.HotelInformation Venue Hotel Information
  $netexam.ClassRoom.FacilityDetails Venue Facility Details
  $netexam.ClassRoom.VenueCategory Venue Category
  $netexam.ClassRoom.EvalCode Venue EvalCodeD
  $netexam.ClassRoom.NearbyAirport Venue Closest Airport
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ID Schedule ID
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TARContact TAR Contact
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PrimaryContact Primary Contact
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PrimaryEmail Primary Email
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PrimaryPhone Primary Phone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TechContact Tech Contact
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TechPhone Tech Phone
  $netexam.ClassRoom.TravelBillable Travel Billable
  $netexam.ClassRoom.NotesToStudent Notes to Student
  $netexam.ClassRoom.CancellationReason CancellationReason
  $netexam.ClassRoom.Cancellation CancellationPolicy
  $netexam.ClassRoom.CourseSubSchedules SubSchedules
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassName ClassName
  $netexam.ClassRoom.CustomMessage Custom Message to Students
  $netexam.ClassRoom.ClassPath Class Path
  $netexam.ClassRoom.AlternateInstructor Alternate Instructor Name
  $netexam.ClassRoom.PresenterURL Instructor Meeting URL
  $netexam.ClassRoom.AudienceURL Student Meeting URL
Order $netexam.Order.Number Order Number
  $netexam.Order.Date Order Date
  $netexam.Order.Company Order Company
  $netexam.Order.Seats Seats Purchased
  $netexam.Order.Price Order Price
  $netexam.Order.OrderAmount Order Amount
  $netexam.Order.OrderNumber Order Number
  $netexam.Order.OrderPaymentUrl Order Payment Url
  $netexam.Order.OrderItems Order Items Details
  $netexam.Order.ContactDetails ContactDetails email
Voucher $netexam.Voucher.CompanyName Company Name
  $netexam.Voucher.VoucherNumber Voucher Number
  $netexam.Voucher.Value Value
  $netexam.Voucher.StartDate Start Date
  $netexam.Voucher.EndDate End Date
  $netexam.Voucher.AllocatedCourseList AllocatedCourseList
Virtual lab $netexam.VirtualLab.Name Virtual Lab Name
  $netexam.VirtualLab.StartTime Virtual Lab Start Time
  $netexam.VirtualLab.EndTime Virtual Lab End Tim
  $netexam.VirtualLab.TimeZone User's Time Zone
  $netexam.VirtualLab.Duration Duration of reservation
Nomination $netexam.Nomination.StudentName Nominated Student Name
  $netexam.Nomination.RejectReason Reject Reason
  $netexam.Nomination.ApproveLevel Approve Level
  $netexam.Nomination.ClassPath Class Path
  $netexam.Nomination.CoordinatorEmail Pro Coordinator Email
  $netexam.Nomination.NomineeLogin Nominee Login Details
  $netexam.Nomination.SalesRep Sales Rep
Enrollment Approval $netexam.EnrollmentItem Class or Course or Certification name
  $netexam.DenyOrApproval Deny Or Approval
  $netexam.NotApprovalCourseStudentsID Not Approval StudentsID in Course
  $netexam.NotApprovalCertificationStudentsID Not Approval StudentsID in Certification
  $netexam.NotApprovalClassStudentsID Not Approval StudentsID in Class
Gift $netexam.Gift.Url Gift Card Url

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