Create Course / Certification for Testing without affecting Live Data/Users
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Create Course / Certification for Testing

Sometimes you might want to create a course and assign it to a certification that could be view in the student site without affecting production users. For that purpose you need to setup the following objects.

  • Curriculum – Course – Lesson
  • User Group
  • User Type
  • Certification
  • User

Curriculum – Course Structure

The NetExam Learning Management System utilizes a hierarchal system to develop the training structure. Curriculums (Training Directories) are created from the top level down and then activated from the bottom level up.

Top Level: Curriculum; this is an organization tool (Training Directory) for the NetExam Administrator. This level can be used to organize your courses into manageable groups. The title and descriptions of the Curriculum are not displayed to the student.

Level Two: Course; this level is displayed to the student and organizes the lessons.

Level Three: Lessons; this level is also displayed to the student and provides a way to organize learning objectives.

Level Four: Learning Objectives; this level is an organizational tool (Question Pool) for the NetExam Administrator. It is not displayed to the student. Note: It is not a requirement to include learning objectives for your course; however, in order to provide testing through the NetExam System, you must include learning objectives in your curriculum structure.

Create a Curriculum

  1. Select the Create Curriculums link under the Courses tab.
  2. Enter the Curriculum Name (Required) and description if desired.
  3. Click the Submit button. 

Once you create you curriculum it is in the Inactive state.

Create Course

  1. Click on the Courses tab and click Curriculums.
  2. Click on the Curriculum you just created.
  3. Type Course name and Course Description under Add New Course. Click Add A new course.
  4. New course will be created and it is now display under the curriculum in Inactive State.
  5. Click on the course name to open the course. Fill/Select the information under Course Add/Edit page.
  6. Create your first lesson.

  1. Once you create your Lesson you could create your objectives, question pools and exam.
  2. Once you are back in the course page select Active from the status field and Click on the Save button to save your course.
  3. Click on your curriculum name to go to your curriculum.

You can create many courses and lessons within a single curriculum. Let’s go ahead and activate the curriculum. Select Active from the Curriculum status and click the Submit button.

Additionally you could create courses using a course template.

Please read:


Test courses without publishing it

Please refer the following KB Article.


Create User Group

User Groups are simply a way to group Users. Depending on the needs of your company, you may group Users by Partner Company, internal department or just group students that will have common training needs.

Please refer the following KB Article on how to create a user group.


Create User Type

Default has been created for you. New ones may be created depending on your company’s setup.

Please refer the following KB Article on how to create a User Type.


Create a Certification

Please refer the following KB Article.

Note: When selecting the course pick the Demo course you created. Add the User type and User Group as Certification’s User Group and User Type that you created for your testing.

Testing Procedure

  1. Make sure you have a user created which belongs to the User group and User type you created.
  2. Make sure you have a certification created with the User group and User type you created and included the demo course you created.
  3. Search for the user. From the user add/edit page click “Login as Learner”
  4. Click on the training Tab.
  5. You could now see the new certification listed in the Available Training Widget.
  6. Click to open the certification and click enroll.

Click on the Demo links to see the demonstration video.  Demo 1     | Demo 2

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