How do I create a Custom Email and publish it?
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The NetExam LMS allows Administrators to create custom email messages that can be sent to registered Users. These communications are independent from the default System emails that are triggered by a variety of actions, e.g., certification completion, class registration, etc.  These emails are delivered to the User's NetExam registered email address.

Procedure - Creating a Custom Email

    1. Click on the Custom Email link under the Communication tab in the Admin site.
    2. Click New Custom Email.
    3. Complete the following fields:
        • Email Title: Enter the title for your custom email (required field).

        • Category: This is a required option where if there is an existing Category that you wish to place this email in, select it from the dropdown (If you wish to add a new Category, click the Add New Category button, which will open a pop-up for you to create the new Category. Once you click the Add Category button, the new category will be available for selection under the dropdown)

        • Email Author: This is a read-only field and by default, will show the full name of the Administrator logged in.

        • Email Visibility: Select either Public or Private.

        • From Email Address: Enter the initiating email address (required field) - it is advisable that you put an email address to which Users can respond, so that it reaches the Admin who initiated the email.

        • From Name: Enter the name of the Sender (required field).

        • Subject: Enter the subject of the email (required field).

        • Email Body: Use the WYSIWYG editor to build the body of the email. The following parameter tags are available for use:
            • $netexam.FullName - The user's full name
            • $netexam.Email - The user's email address
            • $netexam.Username - The user's Username
            • $netexam.Password - The user's password
            • $netexam.CRLF - A line-break

            • Available only for Course related emails:
              • $netexam.Course - The Course name will be displayed in the message body
              • $netexam.Description - The Course description will be displayed in the message body.

          • Available only for Certification related emails:
            • $netexam.CertificationName - The Certification name will be displayed in the message body
              • $netexam.CertificationDescription - The Certification description will be displayed in the message body
        • CC Address: Enter the email address of a person to be copied on the custom email (optional and can contain only 1 address).

        • CC Name: Enter the name of the person to whom it is to be copied (optional).

        • BCC Address: Enter the email address of a person to be blind-copied on the custom email (optional and can contain only 1 address).

        • BCC Name: Enter the name of the person to whom it is to be blind-copied (optional).

        • Email Format: You can choose from either HTML or Plain Text to specify in which format the User is to receive the email.

        • Email Language: You may select the language in which the email will be delivered.


Procedure - Publishing a Custom Email

    1. Click the Save Email button to the save your new Custom Email. The system provides a Save Email As option. Should you have a need to reuse the email, this option allows you to easily create a copy. Please note: You must update the Email Title when using the Save Email As option as the system does not allow custom emails with duplicate titles.
    2. Next select the Preview Email button to view how the email will be shown to the User.  The preview screen will provide an option to enter an email address where you can send a test message prior to sending out your custom email.
    3. Once you have completed previewing and testing your email, select the Create Schedule button. This will redirect you to a page to select options to schedule your custom email delivery:


Regional Filter Options - Filter the User Groups by Region
User Groups - Select the appropriate User Group

Available Emails - Select the name of your Custom Email from the dropdown options.

Mail Date
Select the Time Zone, Date and Time that the email needs to be delivered.

Type of Communication
Select Type - Select the type of email being sent out; Generic Email, Course Related or Certification Related.

If Course or Certification is selected, the next three (3) options will be activated:
- Course/Cert Language; select the Language of the Course or Certification.
- Certification; 
select the Course or Certification from the dropdown options.

    4.   Click the Save Scheduling button to finish publishing your custom email.

To confirm scheduling, you can select the Pending Emails button. This will redirect you to the Communications Report page to show the emails that are currently pending delivery.

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