How does an Admin view a User's Transcript?
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The Administrator is able to view a User's Transcript to see the progress that particular User has made.

This Transcript can be viewed by clicking on the View Transcript button on the User's profile page in the Admin site.

This page will display with a list of all the Certifications and Courses that the User has taken.

Certification/Courses: This column will display the name of the Course or Certification. The gray row is for Certifications and white row is for Courses.

Status: This column shows in which stage the training is in:

  • Courses will show either Completed or Registered/In Progress
  • Certifications will show either Completed or In Progress
  • If a Certification or Course has a completion Certificate, it is available for the Admin to view by clicking on the Certificate icon

Complete Date: This column displays the date at which the User completed this training.

Score: This shows the score that the User attained for the training.

CertificateID: Shows the Certificate ID associated with the Certification

Complete by Date: Shows the Date the Course should be completed by.

View Checklist: Shows the Checklist if it was enabled in the Course

Credit Hours: Credit Hourse earned when completed.

The Independent Courses section displays the Courses that are not associated with a Certification and also any ILT classes associated with these Courses, that the User has enrolled in and completed

  • When a Course is In Progress, the User has still not completed that particular Course.
  • When a Course is Completed, the User has completed this Course. In the same row, the Complete Date and the Score will also be displayed.
  • When a Course has an ILT class associated with it, the Class will show the Status that the Instructor or Administrator has marked for it and if completed, the Completion date as well.

If there is a Course that has been cancelled, it will be displayed under the Cancelled Courses section, with the status as Cancelled and the date that it was cancelled.

If the User has been assigned any External Courses, then it will be displayed under the External Courses section, with the date period of that particular Course and the Status of it and if Attended or not.

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