How do I create and launch a Certification?
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The steps below will walk you through the process of creating a Certification and publishing it to the NetExam Interface so that Users may see the Certification (Note: All Courses must be associated with either a Certification or identified as a Course Group (or Independent Course that does not require a Certification)).

Procedure 1 - Creating a Certification

    1. Under the Certifications tab, click on the Certifications/Course Groups sub-tab.

    2. Click the Create New Certification button.

    3. Fill in the following information:

      • New Certification Name: enter the certification name

      • Certification Description: enter the certification description

      • Certification Language: Select the Language for the Certification. The system default language is English. The Certification/Course groups that are within this language will be displayed to Users assigned to that language preference. Users can, however change the language offerings from the application to view Courses available in other languages.

      • Active: select whether certification is to be Active or Inactive. Default is Active.

      • User Type: select the User Type(s) that will have access to this Certification clicking the Select User Types button to open a pop-up window displaying all the User Types in the system.

      • Days to Complete: check the box and include any number, in days (maximum of 365 days) if the Certification is set to be completed by a specific date

      • Availability: select whether Available Certification applies to multiple Courses that are to be under a single Certification or Course Group w/o Certification which applies to Independent Courses. Select this option if this Course is independent and will not be part of a Certification

      • Certificate file: select a Certificate file from the drop down (the dropdown will contain names of Certificate files that have been already uploaded to the System). If you wish to upload a new Certificate file, please click the Upload Certificate File button to upload a new file.

      • Catalog: select the required catalog for your certification (all Certifications must be associated with a Catalog, except for Independent Courses)

      • Required Electives: if required electives for this Certification/Course Group select from the available electives in the dropdown list.

      • Name on Certificate: enter the name of the Certification/Course Group you want printed on the certificate

      • Display Course(s) Individually: this will only be activated if Availability is set as Course Group w/o Certification. Once this is selected, a User can enroll to these Courses individually

      • Display Progress bar for Students: this will display the certification progress as a percentage in a progress bar

      • Expiration Type: select either Interval or Perpetual

      • Expire in Days: if you selected Interval as the Expiration Type, you will need to specify the number of days for the interval.

      • Provisional: allows the Admin to remove the Certification complete status of the User at any given time.

      • External Certification ID: if there is an External ID that is required to identify this Certification, it can be placed here.

      • Certification Display Image / Icon: Admin can upload an image and icon file to display in the Certification Tile. By pressing set to defult will revert back the upload.

      • Disable Certification Completion Email: Admin can select this check box to overide the triggering of Certification completion email to learners.

      • Certification Pricing: if there is a price for the Certification, clicking the Available button will display a table below and a button to add values to the table. Clicking the Add Prices button will display a pop-up showing the available pricing (similar to the Course Price Picker).

      • Payment Option – this will be displayed when the Certification Pricing is available only. The options of Credit Card, Purchase Order or Voucher are available.

If this Certification requires that  other Certifications be completed prior to this new one, you can assign them by selecting them from the Certification Prerequisites section:

  1. click the Select Prerequisites button to display a pop-up with all available Certifications

  2. select the Certifications and click Add to add them to the list of Certification(s)

  3. select the rule for the prerequisites from the drop-down list


Now you may assign Course(s) for this new Certification from the Assign Course(s) to a new Certification.

    1. Click the Select Courses button to open a pop-up with all available Courses. Under the Requirements column, click to display a dropdown to select either Elective or Required for the Course. Default is Not Applicable.

    2. Click Save to launch the new Certification/Course Group to the System.


After a Certification/Course Group has been created, you must assign it to User Group(s) so that your Users will have access.

Procedure 2 - Assigning a Certification to User Group(s)

    1. Under the Users tab, select the User Groups tab.

    2. You can either search for the User Group by typing out the name, selecting the associated letter from the list of alphabets, or select All.

    3. After you have found the respective User Group, click on the name to navigate to the Edit a User Group page.

    4. Once on this page, navigate to the bottom of the page. You will now see a section called Currently Subscribed Certifications. Click the Available Certifications button to display a pop-up with all the Certifications. Select the Certification/Course Group and click Add to add them to the User Group.

    5. If you wish to auto-enroll all Users’ in that User Group, click the check-box under the Auto Enroll column under the list of Currently Subscribed Certifications.

    6. Click Save to submit the changes.


You will now need to confirm that the User can see the Certification/Course Group in order to enroll.

Procedure 3 - Confirm Certification/Course Group availability

    1. First, make sure that the User Group is available under the new Certification/Course Group by searching for the Certification on the left search panel in the Admin site.

    2. Select the Certification and on the Edit Certification page, navigate to the bottom of the page to view the User Groups that have access to this Certification.

    3. Once this is complete, search for a User who is in the respective User Group, using the search section.

    4. In the User search results, click the linked user name. The Edit a User page will be displayed.

    5. Click the Manage Course Registrations button on the Edit a User page.

    6. Once here, if you have used the Auto-Enroll function, the Certification will be visible under the list of Subscribed Courseware. If it does not appear, click the Add Courseware button.

    7. A pop-up window will open with all the Certifications that are available for enrollment. Next to the new Certification, click the check-box under the Enroll column.

    8. Once complete, click the Enroll Certifications button and close the window.


The User can now login to the Student site and access the Certification and complete all Courses associated with the Certification.

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