How do I create and use a Course template?
Posted by Himansu Karunadasa, Last modified by on 24 September 2007 03:19 PM
  1. To create a Course Template(s):
      1. If one does not exist yet, create a Curriculum named "Templates". It does not have to be activated.
      2. Create one or more regular Courses in the Templates: Curriculum. Any settings you apply to this Course will be copied over when you choose this Course as your template, including Lesson Resources, Questions and Answers, and Exams.
  2. To use the Template(s):
      1. Under the Courses main tab, click the Create Course sub-tab.
      2. Choose the Course template that you would like to use.
      3. Choose the Curriculum that you would like to add this Course to.
      4. Fill in a Course description (optional).

At this point, you may still have work to do on the Course, such as activating Learning Objectives, Lessons and Course, adding Lesson Content, Adding Questions and Answers, etc. This will depend on the template chosen.

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