How do I associate a Certification with a User Group?
Posted by Nikki Johnson, Last modified by on 11 November 2009 08:31 PM

You must associate your Certification/Course Group to the User Groups that have been created previously.  Each User Group must be assigned to the Certification/Course group individually. Once assigned, all Users within the selected User Groups will be able to enroll in the Certification/Course group.


  1. Select the User Groups sub-tab under the Users tab.

  2. Perform a search for the User Group using the filters provided, select the linked letter that your User Group name begins with, or select click on the Search button to list all User Groups.

  3. The list of available User Groups will populate on the page. Click on the required User Group name from the list.

  4. On the Edit a User Group page, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will now see a section called Available Certifications/Currently Subscribed Certifications. Select the Certification/Course Group and click Add to add them to the User Group.

  5. If you wish to Auto Enroll the Users in the User Group to the Certification/Course Group, click the checkbox under the Auto Enroll column.

  6. Click Save to submit your changes.

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