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How do I schedule a Class?
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There are three (3) ways to add Class Schedules:

    1. From the Course Page - Adding your class through the Course page will take you directly to the Add/Edit Schedule page, however it does not provide an overview of all classes scheduled, only a list of classes scheduled for the Course you have selected.
        • Scroll to the bottom of the Course page and click on the Add New Schedule link.

        • A new schedule page will appear for you to add details. 

    2. Through the Course Schedule Calendar - Adding your class schedule through the Course Schedule Calendar allows you to see an overview of all classes scheduled for each day of a given month.
        • Go to the Calendar sub-tab under the Classroom tab.

        • Click the Add link for the day for the respective month and in the following page; select the respective Course, by clicking the Select Course button, which would open a pop-up with a list of all the available ILT Courses.

        • Click Submit once you select your Course. A new schedule page will appear for you to add details. 

    3. Through the Venue Schedule Calendar - Adding your class schedule through the Venue Schedule Calendar allows you to see classes and reservations for a particular venue.
        • Go to the Venues sub-tab under the Classroom tab.

        • Select the Venue of your choice and click the View Schedule button.

        • Click the Menu link and select Add from the Venue Schedule Calendar and then select the Course by clicking the Select Course button, which would open a pop-up with a list of all the available ILT Courses. Click Submit once you select your Course.

        • A new schedule page will appear for you to add details.

    4. Enter the schedule information and click the Submit button. You will be returned to the respective Course page.


Entering Schedule Information

The following will describe specific information for your schedule:



Class Name

The name of the Class Schedule


Identifies the class as either Private or Public. Classes set to Private will not be visible to the User for registration.


Allows you to change the status of your class – Active, Cancelled, Incomplete or Class Ended. The default for all new schedules is Incomplete. 


Assigns an available instructor to the class. You can also select the View Instructor link to manage the selected instructor’s Course eligibility.

Eval Code

A freeform field that you can use to identify the class for future reference.


NetExam creates a unique ID number for every schedule created. This will always be auto populated.

Product ID

The Product ID is a freeform informational field. Should there be a product associated with the Class, you can enter the ID here.

NetExam Registration URL

Once the schedule is added, this field will be populated with a direct link to this class.

External Registration URL

If you choose to use an external registration system, you can enter the URL here. If this field is populated, the user will be taken to this URL when they click on the register button.

Time Zone

Assigns the time zone for the new class.


A required field. This allows you to schedule multiple dates and times for your class. Select the From and To dates and time and click the Add Date button.

Certification Required

This is an informational freeform field where you can specify whether attendees need to be certified or not.

Max Class Size

Enter the maximum number of seats for the class.

Min Class Size

Enter the minimum number of seats for the class.

Reserved Seats

If you need to reserve a specified number of seats up front, enter this number here. This number will be deducted from the maximum class size.

Class Full Notification

If you select Yes, the Manager/Creator of the class will be notified via email each day until the start of the class. An embedded link is available to configure the text for the email template that will be sent to the Manager/Creator.

Allow Wait List / Replacement Period

Select Yes if you want to offer Users the opportunity to be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations on a first come, first serve basis. You can select the number of hours to allow this feature before the start of the class.

Current Enrollment

Displays the number of Users currently enrolled for the class.

Current Wait List Button

This will take you to a page of Users that are currently waiting for this class, providing contact information and functionality to remove the student from the wait list.

Cancellation Policy

If your company has a cancellation policy, enter the text here. This will be displayed to the User.


This sets the days/hours that the class can be cancelled starts before the start date.

Registration Terms and Conditions

If selected Yes, the User will be prompted to Accept or Decline the Registration Terms and Conditions specified. A link is also available to modify the verbiage of the Terms and Conditions that will be displayed.


Additional Schedule Information

In addition to the above fields, the following are sections that can be expanded to enter more information for the schedule:



Email Preferences

Select email preferences for Registrants, Instructors, Other Contacts and Managers by selecting the check box next to each available email template. For information on updating the email templates, refer to the NetExam Company Setup Guide for instructions. You also have the option of selecting a Custom Message that you may have already configured.

Contact Information

Freeform fields to enter additional contact information for the class.

Venue Information

This section allows you to select the Venue and enter additional information about the Venue for this class.

Pricing Information

This section displays the pricing details that you may have set in the Course page.

Internal Use

Additional miscellaneous information for the class such as SAP number, class cost, equipment information, comments about the class and notes to Users.

Authorized Training Providers

The dropdown will display all the ATP’s available and one can be selected for the particular Class schedule.


Use this section to enter contacts for your class (Visible in the Edit Class page only).

Registered Users

This section will show the Users who have registered for the class. You can update each User’s status and billing/voucher specifics as well as enter any comments regarding the individual User. Each User listed will have a link to their individual profile. This section also provides a link to print a class roster (Visible in the Edit Class page only).

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