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From the Edit Course page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add Course Exam button

Complete the following fields: 

  • Exam Name
  • Exam Description – optional
  • Minimum Passing Score – Select a minimum passing score for the exam
  • Take Exam Once or Unlimited – Select one of the two radio button options, Once or Unlimited for your exam. The system default selection is Unlimited
  • Exam Question Order – Select one of the two question order options, Random Questions or Sequential Order
  • Exam Requirement – Select one of the four radio options: Optional, Must Take Exam, Must Pass Exam, None
  • Time Allowed – Select one of the two options: 
  • Unlimited Time – the system defaults to this option
  • Limit to ___ minutes – if this option is selected you must enter the number of minutes the student has to complete the exam

Select the number of questions from each of the Learning Objectives for the exam, from the dropdown option for each Objective. The system will default to the total number of questions for all Learning Objectives. The box provided at the bottom would automatically updated with the total number of questions for the Exam

Click the Save button to add your Course Exam.

The Admin can configure the Exam such that Users can complete all Lessons fully or not, before they attempt the Exam. This is configured via the Lessons and must be completed before Exam checkbox which would appear after you submit the Exam. Additionally, the Admin can also configure how the Exam Results summary will be displayed to the Users. This can be configured via the Exams Results Display dropdown: 

  • Standard – will display the Exam Questions indicating which ones were correctly answered
  • None – will not display any of the Question details

Following are some of the options available in NetExam Exam Setup and Questions creation:

Random Questions from a pool

Admin can select “Random Questions from the pool” option when setting up the Exam. This will pull questions in Random order from the selected Lesson Objectives. This is helpful when your exam is setup to have multiple attempts and prevent students guessing the questions in subsequent attempts.

Randomize answers for a given Question

Admin can select “Randomize answers” option from the Question setup page in Learning Objective. This will present the answers in random order when each time student presented with the same question in subsequent attempts.

Exclude the last answer from being randomized

Admin can select “Do not randomize the last answer” option from Question setup page in Learning Objective. This will be helpful when you have the last answers as “All of them”, “None of them” etc.

Weight questions

This will enable admin to specify weights for the questions at the time of creating. Weights are ranging from 1 to 5 and weight 5 carriers the maximum weight. When the exam is graded the score will depend on the weight of questions.

  • Setup: From the Admin site - Go to Curriculum – Course – Lesson – Objective
  • When you create your question, you can select the weight for that question. Default value set to 1.

Images in questions

Admin can add images to their questions. First, admin uploads the image to the image library in NetExam. (Communications > Image Upload). Once uploaded, copy the URL of that image. From the Question setup page in the text box, click on the add image button and paste the URL you copied. That will show you the image. You can click on the HTML view and add the height and width options to resize your image. Here is a sample HTML syntax which shows an image in specific measurements. <img src="" height="42" width="42">

Show feed back

Admin can add Question Feedback text from the Question setup page. This will display to students once they answered their exam and reviewing the exam results.

Timed Exams

Timed Exam allows Admin to set time on Exams. Once the student opens the exam, clock will count down till the set time limit. Once the time elapsed exam page time out and take the student back to the course page. Admin could select “Time Allowed” from the Exam setup page.

Dynamic passing score by user type

NetExam enables the admin to set exam passing score based on different user types. This will allow admin to set the passing score requirements by user types which may relate to their functions or departments.

Proctored Exams with Proctor Keys

Proctored Exams are configured based on the Proctor Keys. Proctor Keys are configured at Exam level. Admin would click on the “Generate Key” button next to the Proctor Key field to generate the key. Students are required to input the proctor key before accessing the Exam. Proctor keys should be distributed to students before taking the courses by Admins.

Options in displaying question results

Exam results could be display in three formats. Standard format, None or Show learning objective for the fail questions. Admin could select any one of those options from the Exam setup page under Exam Results Display.

Configurable first retake interval 

Admin can set the first retake interval specified in hours for their exams. If that is set, the student must wait the prescribed number of hours before attempting the exam. Take Exam button is grayed out until the First retake interval time has reached.

Configurable subsequent retake intervals

Admin can set the subsequent retake interval specified in hours for their exams. If that is set, student has to wait certain number of hours after the first retake interval before attempting the exam. Take Exam button is grayed out until the subsequent retake interval time has reached.

Pulls questions from multiple question pools (learning objectives)

Admin can create separate learning objectives for each lesson within the course. Then they could create several questions in each learning objective. Admin could select number of questions from each learning objective at the time of Exam creation. 

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