How do I activate a Course?
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In order for a Course to be Active, it must have a Lesson with a Learning Objective. For more information on building curriculums, courses and lessons, read our training hierarchy guide. If you create a Course using a previously created template, the Learning Objective through the Course level will already be activated. You may, however, still need to activate your Curriculum.

Following is the procedure for Activating a Non-Template Course and the procedure to Activate a Curriculum

Procedure - Activating a Non-template Course

The following instructions will guide you in activating a Course that is created without the template Course:

  1. Access the Course and select an existing lesson or create a lesson. Scroll down to the Learning Objective level and select the Active radial button next to Learning Objective Status and submit.

  2. The submit action will take you to the Lesson Detail page. Once again click the Active radial button and submit.

  3. The submit action from the Lesson Detail page will take you to the Course Detail page. Click the Available radial button next to Status. Your Course is now active and available.

  4. Check to make sure that the Curriculum associated with the Course has also been activated. If the Curriculum Status is Inactive, click the Active button and submit.

Procedure - Activating a Curriculum

  1. From the Curriculum List page, select a Curriculum by clicking on the linked name.

  2. Select the Active button and click the Submit button to activate your curriculum.


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