Scorm slides freezing issue in Adobe Captivate
Posted by on 24 January 2017 03:37 AM

Sometimes your users might experience slide freeze, stuck or unable to navigate when taking scorm courses. Please follow the following workaround to correct this issue.

Use the SendTrackingDataAtEnd Template

When you choose SCORM as your LMS standard, Captivate assigns a default template full of code designed to communicate with the LMS.  However, the default template uses Captivate's normal 'verbose' communication method, which deluges the LMS with tons of information.

However, you can opt to use a different Template by selecting one from the dropdown list. The best one for reducing LMS load is called SendTrackingDataAtEnd. (The screenshot below is from Cp 7x, but all versions from Cp5 onward have a similar drop-down to select the SCORM code template.)  

How is this template better? Well, instead of sending tracking data to the LMS all the time while the participant is interacting with your course, this template stores the information and only sends it to the LMS when the user exits the course module.  That means one request to the server instead of dozens.

For further reference:

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