Imsmanifest.xml File not Found in Root
Posted by on 13 May 2016 04:47 PM


User receives “Error: Cannot initialize SCORM package – imsmanifest.xml file not found in root” message when uploading a SCORM package.


Imsmanifest.xml file is not located in the immediate root of the SCORM package.


The imsmanifest.xml file contains all of the information required by the LMS to import and launch the content and needs to be in the immediate root of the content package (.ZIP file), not inside another folder within the package.


Repackage your content package (.ZIP file) ensuring that the imsmanifest.xml file is in the root.

  • You can verify correct packaging by opening the .ZIP file – you should immediately see the imsmanifext.xml file without having to navigate into any subfolders.
  • Third-party authoring tools should correctly package your files automatically. If yours is not, consult with your authoring tool’s vendor.
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