How do I edit Course information?
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After you add the Course, you will be taken to the Course detail page. Since this Course was created using a template you will need to update some of the information:

    1. Course Rank – you can change the ranking of the Course (enabled for eLearning Courses only).


    1. Course Name – the desired Course name.


    1. Course Description – enter a description if desired.


    1. Course Tags – Course tags are used to identify a Course(s) for reporting purposes. To add a Course tag, select the Add new Tag link. Enter the tag name and description if desired and click the Submit button.


    1. Course Certificate – if you will be offering a Certificate to your students, select the Available radio button.


    1. Certificate file - select a Certificate file from the drop down (the dropdown will contain names of Certificate files that have been already uploaded to the System). If you wish to upload a new Certificate file, please click the Upload Certificate File button to upload a new file.


    1. Status – since the Course is active, the Active radio button will be selected. If you wish to discontinue the Course, select the Discontinued radio button (this option will show if the Course has Users enrolled to it). If no Users are enrolled to the Course, you will see the option of cancelling the Course by selecting the Cancelled radio button.


    1. Course Pricing –Select the Available radio option if you want to associate a price for your Course. This would open an option below it to Add Prices. Click the Add Prices button to open a pop-up displaying the User Types and multiple currencies available to set. You can set values for each currency for each User Type. Click the Add Pricing button once done. (Note: This option is configurable, only if your account uses eCommerce).


    1. Payment Option – If you select Course Pricing as Available, you will need to select any/all of the payment options available:
        • Credit Card

        • Purchase Order

        • Voucher
    2. Days to Complete – enter the number of days that the User has, to complete this Course. Default is set to 3 days.


    1. Credit Hrs – Enter any credit hours associated with this Course if desired.


    1. Language – the default language is set to English.


    1. Course Modality – Select either eLearning or Classroom. The default is set to eLearning.


    1. Prerequisite Courses – If you require prerequisites for the Course, select the Choose Prerequisites button. A pop-up box will display, listing the Courses to choose from. Select the checkbox(es) next to the Course name(s) and click the Submit Selection button. The box will then populate with the selected prerequisite Course(s).


    1. Prerequisite Condition – If you have selected prerequisites, select the relative condition from the dropdown list of options:
        • Learner must complete any one of the selected Courses before registering for this Course

        • Learner must complete all selected Courses before registering for this Course

        • Learner must be registered to any one of the selected Courses before registering for this Course

        • Learner must be registered to all selected Courses before registering for this Course
    2. Datasheet URL – If you would like to provide a link to more information to your Users on this Course, you can enter it here.


    1. Cancellation Policy(Applies to Class Room Modality only) if your company offers a cancellation policy, enter in the textbox.


    1. Cancellable – Select the number of days or hours before the class starts, that a User can cancel his/her class.


    1. Removable by Manager – Check this box if you want to provide managers permission to remove this Course from a User from the Manager User Registration page.


    1. Attach Survey – If you want to assign a survey to be taken by your Users, select from the survey options in the dropdown box. Default is set to None.


    1. External ID – enter associated external ID as applicable (This field would be useful if you use the NetExam System with a 3rd Party System that your organization uses for Training purposes).


    1. Points – if your account is integrated with a rewards system (eg:, this displays the number of points that the User will receive upon completion of the Course.


    1. SKU – this is your identifying code for the Course.


    1. Requires Examiner – selecting this option will require that an Administrator/Examiner mark the Course as complete for the User.


    1. Enable User File Upload – selecting this option will request the User to upload a file, i.e. lab work, assignment, etc. in order for the Examiner to review the student’s uploaded file.


    1. Enable Course Rating – When checked, shows the average rating (1-5 stars) for the Course and allows the User to give a rating. This information appears to the student on the Course Details Pane.


  1. Completion Criteria - (Applies to Class Room Modality only) Admins have the option of selecting one of the following completion criteria’s from the drop down:
      • Learner has completed eLearning portion

      • Learner has had attendance marked for a class/event

      • Learner has completed eLearning AND attended class

      • Learner has completed eLearning OR attended class

Click the Save button to retain the changes. The page will refresh and show the updated Course detail page.

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