How do I build a training hierarchy?
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The NetExam Learning Management System utilizes a hierarchical system to develop the training structure. Curriculums (Training Directories) are created from the top level down and then activated from the bottom level up.



Top Level

Curriculum: this is an organization tool (Training Directory) for the NetExam Administrator. This level can be used to organize your Courses into manageable groups. The title and description of the Curriculums are not displayed to the student.

Level Two

Course: this level is displayed to the student and organizes the Lessons for the Course.

Level Three

Lessons: this level is also displayed to the student and provides a way to organize Learning Objectives.

Level Four

Learning Objectives: this level is an organizational tool (Question Pool) for the NetExam Administrator. It is not displayed to the student (Note: It is not a requirement to include Learning Objectives for your Course; however, in order to provide testing through the NetExam System, you must include learning objectives in your Curriculum structure).

To assist you in your initial setup you will see that a Default Curriculum, Course, Lesson and Learning Objective have already been setup for your company. You may choose to use these and if so, all you will need to do is rename them.

Additionally, NetExam also offers a Course Quickstep. This is a template Course that allows you to quickly add and activate your Curriculum, Course, Lesson and Learning Objective. This is the easiest way to add your Courses in the NetExam System (Note: Before adding Courses using the Quickstep method, please setup your Curriculum in advance as you will be required to select this as part of the process). Each time you use the template Course to create new Courses, it will be identical to the template setup.

Another feature that will be very useful once your Courses are deployed is the View Enrollment feature. From the Course page you can select the “View Enrollment” button and you will be able to run an enrollment report for any Course.

Status Identifiers

The NetExam system identifies Course level status using the following icons:



Curriculum  (Course Folder)









Learning Objective (Question Pool)






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