Course Expiration
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Course expiration options are located in the Course Add/Edit page in the NetExam Administration site. The NetExam system allows NetExam Admins to determine what happens if an Assessment is not completed within a specified number of days. The parameters are set in the field labeled "Days to Complete" with a default value set as 30 days. 

To enforce the action, locate the Enforce Expiration checkbox on the edit page. By default, the box is not checked and the assessment is available at any time without constraint. If the Enforce Expiration box IS checked, the user will not have access to the assessment after the specified period of time, e.g., 30 days. The user must contact the Admin who would need to manually unlock this for the user upon request.

Once the course expires, the user will see the expired text in their transcript along with the course title. Administrators can modify the course expiration messages through the Certification template under Content templates.  

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