Posted by on 15 February 2015 09:04 AM

NetExam now allows Administrators to create class enrollment links for private classes and share them with potential learners.  The learners can click on these links and access the private class enrollment forms which are not accessible from the regular class catalog.  You can access the private class link from the Class configuration view of the Administration application.

To access:

-          Go to Class room schedule Add/Edit page

-          From the viability option select the visibility as Private.

-          Save your class schedule.

-          Now come back to your schedule from the course or calendar page.

-          You will see the following field is now enabled and a link to the private class.

-          Copy the URL and distribute among your intended recipients.

Note: Make sure this class is a part of an active course and the course is part of an active certification. Also the users who received this link should be part of one of the user groups in the certification.

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