NetExam Proctored Exams with Proctor Keys
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Proctored Exams are designed to work with Proctor Keys. Proctor Keys are gnerated and configured at the Exam level.

Students are required to input the Proctor key before taking the Exam.

Proctor keys can be distributed by admins during the class sessions to avoid students attempting to take the exams before attending the class sessions.


Generating a Proctor Key

  1. Navigate to Exam Add/Edit page in Admin site (Lesson Quiz/ Course Exam/ Certification Exam)
  2. Click on the “Generate Key” button next to the Proctor Key field
  3. Click Submit

When the student clicks the  "Take Exam" button from within the course, the system will prompt the student to enter the Proctor Key to be granted access to the Exam. When the student inserts the correct Proctor Key, they system will direct the student to the exam. In the event the student does not enter the correct Key information, the student will need to contact the administrator or instructor for the proper key.


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