How do I edit Email templates?
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1. Click on the Email Templates sub tab under the Communications tab. You will be able to select from 4 different categories of emails:

  • eLearning
  • ILT (Instructor-Led Training)
  • System Access
  • Other

2. Select the name of the email template that you wish to edit.

3. Next, click on the Language Preference for your email template. The languages displayed are based on the language package purchased by your company. If you would like to have additional languages added, please contact your NetExam Sales Representative.

4. Your next step is to select the User Type for your template. On your first visit to this page you will note that the Default template is already setup and will have an “Edit” link. All other User Types will have an “Add” link. The system has setup a default template for you to edit.

  • To add a template for your other User Types, click the "Add" link. This will create a copy of the default template for you to edit the content, specific to the User Type. As you create new User Types, this page of options will grow.

5. To proceed, click the link next to the user type to edit the template.

  • All available email templates come pre-filled with default content which can be edited. Options to copy and blind copy the email are available at the bottom of the template.

  • The email templates are edited using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. The WYSIWYG editor functions similar to Microsoft Word.

6. Edit the email content in the editor and complete the required fields noted with a red asterisk [*].

  • You can also enter pre-set parameter tags in your email template for additional formatting. These tags are listed at the top of the WYSIWYG editor.

  • Select from the Available Tags in the first dropdown box and then select the tag type from the second dropdown box. The tag will appear to the right. Place your cursor in the area you want to insert the tag and click the Insert button.

  • There are two formats available when editing your email, HTML or Plain Text. This option is located at the bottom of the form.

7. You also have the option to test your email.

  • Click the Test button at the bottom of the page. A new browser window will open with your email. At the bottom of the template is an area to enter an email address to send the test email. (Note: This text box has been pre-filled with the email associated with the user profile of the person that has logged into the NetExam system). You can use this email address or override with another email address.
  • Click the Send Test Email button.

8. If you are satisfied with your updates and test email, click the Save button to retain changes to your email.

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