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Now LMS administrators have the ability to display Twitter widget in student portal. This will allow them to show target industry information, course/material related information, product related information etc. Admin can easily enable this from the Learner Portal settings and configure the Twitter ID to show the relevant topics.

Steps: From the Admin site – Click on Learner Portal Settings under General Tab – Select the user type that you want to enable this widget – Click Add or Edit – From the Add Widget drop down look for Twitter and click Add.   Click on the middle icon where you could input the twitter widget ID. Click OK. Position your widget and click Save Changes.

Now login as a student who bares the selected user type to see how the Twitter widget looks like in the student site. 

How to get the Widget ID from Twitter?

Logon to your Twitter account. Click on the "moe" link as shown in the image.


 Click on Embed Tweet from the drop down. Copy the text in the box in to the note pad.

Copy the widget id as shown above and paste in the Twitter widget id box in NetExam. Note: You will get different IDs depending on the tweet you have selected. 


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