Custom Email
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Custom Email

This section allows the Administrator to create custom emails (announcements, special notices etc.) that can be sent to Users, apart from the regular System-generated email.

This can be accessed via the Custom Email sub-tab under the Communication tab.

After clicking on the Custom Email tab, you will see a section where you need to select an available email category from a dropdown option. Once selected, you will see the custom emails that have previously been created for that particular category.

Let’s create a New Custom Email. Click on the button “New Custom Email” to open the editor and add the relevant details. Once done, you can save the email under an existing category or create a new category.

Make sure you have Email Title, From Email address, Subject, Message in the email body and additional email addresses in CC or Bcc fields.  Email body is a WYSIWYG editor, where you have basic HTML formatting, links, images etc. Once you create your custom email you can click on the Test button to see if it formatted correctly.

The following NetExam variables are avilable for use in your email body.

$netexam.FullName  -The user's full name.
$netexam.Email  -The user's email address.
$netexam.Username  -The user's Username.
$netexam.Password  -The user's password.

$netexam.CRLF  -A line-break character for text messages.

Available only to course related emails.
$netexam.Course The course name displayed in the message body.
$netexam.Description The course description displayed in the message body.

Available only to certification related emails
$netexam.CertificationName Certification Name
$netexam.CertificationDescription Certification Description

You can click Create Schedule button to create a schedule which this email could be delivered in future date and time. You could specify a user group which this email should go to. Once you make your changes click on Save Scheduling. And click Save Email to save the custom email.

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