How do I find statistics for an Exam?
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NetExam offers statistical analysis of Course Exam results. The link to this report can be accessed from the Edit Course page.

  1. Navigate to the Edit Course page for the Course you want Exam results for.

  2. Scroll towards the bottom of the page to the Exam section of the Course.

  3. Select the Report link on the right-hand side. The User Exam Analysis page will be displayed with your overall results for all attempts at this exam.

    • The Question Analysis tab would show details of the Questions in the Exam and how Users have answered them.

    • The User Comparision tab would show each User's scores and also provided is a download option to download the Usage report (showing the scores and dates of the Exam taken by the User) and Attempts report (a similar report with the attempts also included).

    • The Score Analysis tab would show the trends in scores of Users.

Administrators can also review individual User attempts and results in the System, from the Manage Course Registrations page of the User. An Exam Analysis option is also available in this section, similar to the Edit Course page.

  1. Search for the User that you wish to evaluate.

  2. Open the User's profile and click on the Manage Course Registrations button.

  3. From the User's enrolled Course and Certifications, click on the underline formatted score in green colour (only available for Completed Certifications/Courses).

  4. This would lead the Admin to the User Exam Analysis page where the User's total Exam attempts will be displayed. Also displayed will be the Exam Results and an Exam Analysis section.

  5. The default view is for the "Latest Attempt" of the Exam. If you wish to see results form any previous attempts, you may click on the relevant Exam name link which will refresh the page with the details of that Exam.

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