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NetExam gives you the ability to create a single custom tab in your NetExam Learner Portal. This tab can be used to display content of your choice to your Learners. For example; if your company wishes to provide specific learning instructions to your students, you may use this tab for this purpose.The Admin application allows administrators to enter any HTML/JavaScript code for this tab.

The Custom Tab can be accessed via Communications – Content Templates – Click on Tab content under Category: custom content navigation options. You may also make calls to the NetExam Learner API from the HTML/JavaScript code.

Admin should be able enter relevant HTML code to the content template and it should be visible from the student side.

The name of the Custom tab should also be editable from the content template.(Main Interface Template). Communications – Content Templates – Main Interface  

Show/hide of the Custom Tab can controlled by Admin application using Role add edit page. 

Users – Roles – Click on the user role – Scroll down to Student Portal Tabs section – Click /Unclick View Custom Tab

Student side view of the Tab

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