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How do I view a User's exam results?
Posted by Nick Stuckey, Last modified by on 20 April 2009 07:48 PM

There are two paths to view a student's exam results.

  • Via the Course information or
  • Via the User information

To view exam results via Course information:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Course page and scroll down to the Exam section.
  2. Click on the exam Report link (Also see: How do I find statistics for an Exam?).
  3. On the User Exam Analysis, select the User Comparison tab. This will show a list of the Users and their individual scores for the Exam.
  4. Selecting the individual User will show the User’s Exam history for the Course including previous attempts.

To view exam results via User information:

  1. Perform a search for the User.
  2. Click on the User’s name to view the User's profile.
  3. Select the View Transcript button at the top of the Add/Edit a User page.
  4. The Transcript page will list Exam versions, Status, Completion dates and Scores.

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