How do I make a Course Inactive?
Posted by Nick Stuckey, Last modified by on 20 April 2009 07:36 PM

Making a Course Inactive is managed from the Edit Course page (Note: In order to make a Course inactive, it should not be attached to ANY ACTIVE CERTIFICATIONS. If the Course you want to make Inactive is attached to an active Certification, you will either need to make the Certification inactive or create a new version of the Certification that excludes this Course).


    1. Find the Course you would like to make Inactivate (cancel/deactivate).

    2. Navigate to the Edit Course page.

    3. Change the status to Inactive or Discontinued (depends on whether Users have enrolled) (Note: Remember, you will be unable to select this option if your Course is still part of an active Certification).

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the section and click the Save button.

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